60 fps capped when fullscreen

Switched to fullscreen mode, i play all my games in fullscreen. Why is it capped to 60 fps even if i set it to 90,120 or off in settings and v-sync - off.


Hey, could you provide a DXDIAG?

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DxDiag.txt (72.4 KB)

And is there a workaround for the [alt-tab] out of game, its making it borderless i think and the fps goes higher then 60 fps then also. It changes back to fullscreen only if i hit [alt+enter] after going back to the game again. then it goes back to 60 fps as in the first post

You appear to have a 60hz monitor, so 60 frames is all it can show at best anyhow. My advice? Stick with the 60 cap.

Thanks for the fast reply. I am buying a new 120 - 144 hz monitor next week.
Windowed/Borderless allow vermintide higher fps, so strange why fullscreen would cap it.

Would be awesome figuring it out before i buy the new monitor so i dont have to scratch my head several hours :]

Is their an advantage to not playing in bordered windowless? I always run that in every game as tabbing out of full sceen to check discord or simply wanting to click on another screen is annoying.

I’m not a tech mastermind but I believe in fullscreen you’re using less resources as windows explorer can take a break, which is why tabbing out has an inherent delay, whilst in windowed borderless explorer is still being busy behind, hence tabbing out is pretty much seamless.

I’ll need to speak to the engine team when they return from holidays @Howdhi as this isn’t something I’m very au fait with :slight_smile:


Do you have vsync enabled in your graphics card settings/graphics card configuration program?
I know from your post you have it set to off in the in game settings but if vsync is enabled in your graphics card settings it may over ride the in game settings.

No worries man, appreciate if you’ll do that though Hedge. Happy Holidays in the meanwhile, even if you seem to be working at the moment :]

I have it off in Nvidia-Control panel also. Even if i use Adaptive v-sync (only Nvidia has this i think) sometimes it seems to be the best vsync if you ever have problems with some screen tearing or stuttering any game.
The thing is like said earlier, the fps is only capped when i go fullscreen. Never in borderless or window.

Everytime i alt-tab out of the game to look at something or write someone or whatever, and go back after vermintide dont have capped 60 fps as it changed to borderless by itself in options.

Im not a fan of borderless as hedge explained earlier about taking up more resources = less fps in your game

Huh. That is strange then.
My monitor is 100hz refresh…I run in fullscreen and typically get 70 to 90 FPS.
You dont happen to have a fps cap set in afterburner or anything?
In game vsync and nvcp vsync settings are both set to off right?

I wouldn’t worry about it too much as your current monitor is 60hz.
When you get your new high refresh monitor I would see how it goes.

Yeah i was trying to figure it out before im buying the new monitor in a few days. So i dont have to sit and try fix it then.
No im pretty sure it dont have fps cap in afterburner, i dont touch that program.
Cause every other game i have this is not a problem, why i think its weird.

Im sure there is a easy soloution, if i just knew what it was ha…

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