Game Crashes Often On Alt-Tab

When it does crash, it gives no information in the ‘copy to clipboard’ crash summary area. Literally zilch. Seems like maybe it’s related to memory usage, crops up a lot more when I have more browser tabs open. I have 16GB though and I don’t think utilization is 100% but I can try to check.

This happens A LOT - I think the problem lies within the coding of the game.

I can ALT-TAB fine when I’m ingame, but as soon as i hit a loading screen and ALT-TAB it’s a 50/50 wheter it will crash or not. TL:DR, dont ALT-TAB on loading screens :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys using borderless fullscreen? Never crashed when alt tabbing for me.

Naup, I use fullscreen. Having my mouse wander off is obnoxious, to me, as well as (for most games) better perf. But sometimes you do run into some trouble.

Your mouse wont wander off, only if you open chat / hit escape, when the mouse is visible, else its locked onto the screen.
Try borderless for a few hours, could be worth the try. Didnt like it for years, after using 2nd screen daily its a must-have and didnt have any trouble tabbing since then.

Suppose I’ll do it until they’ve confirmed that the alt-tab crash is fixed. Thanks.

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