Does brutal momentum even work on some weapons?

I’ve tested this extensively out in the psykerium, but brutal momentum on shovels still only allows you to damage 3 bloody pox walkers. I don’t understand why these weapons have brutal momentum at all if it doesn’t allow it to cleave more units. Is this a bug or a feature?

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it works for shovel… but not on infected.
Retry with unarmored enemies.

It should be corrected however, and also, the effect is not as good as it is on a combat axe.

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Isn’t infected kind of half the reason why you’d want to take it anyway? is this just a glitch?

Bottom line…
Considering this bug, BM could be considered as useless on shovel.
However, it staggers all ennemies hit…

Brutal Momentum does not alter the maximum number of targets you can damage. It will allow you to (theoretically) hit an unlimited number of enemies, but the number of enemies who suffer damage is constant - that is controlled by the weapon’s damage profile, which specifies how much damage/impact the 1st, 2nd, 3rd (etc) target will suffer. Some Fatshark employees have explained it in a bit more detail in this thread, if you want additional info.

In short, Brutal Momentum isn’t very good on the shovel because, by design, the shovel can’t damage a lot of targets.

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If it’s the Ogryn shovel then there’s only 1 attack that damages more than 3 enemies and that’s L3 (the third light attack). Brutal Momentum will allow it to do so - without this blessing its cleave is too low.

Unfortunately L3 for the Shovel is bugged for Infested and the damage/armour mods are wrong, so it won’t do the expected damage for that armour type on the later targets.

Brutal Momentum will ‘work’ on every attack in the sense that they will hit multiple enemies and stagger them. Whether that is valuable to your or not is up to you.


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