Dodges is broken

The dodges system was perfectly fine before Today, with my preacher i could survive more easier since you nerfed it since the closed beta. Before today i had infinite dodges which make the gameplay with it more enjoyable, but now it’s broken, I can’t even dodge more than 3 times otherwise my character get very very slow, slower than the Ogryn dodge… This is absurd

So far I’ve noticed a drastically nerf on the Preacher since then

  • Reduced Thoughness
  • Dash ability can no longer pass through enemies
  • Dodges is now useless

Please fix the dodges and the preacher ability while you there!
Thank you



While i dont play preacher, please devs, make this game fun, not a chore and annoying.
Its PVE, so focus more on the fun part instead of alot of nerfing.

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Look your weapon stats, dodge count is part of weapon settings. Some has 3, some 4, some 100