Do you have EU server on Microsoft PC?

Well, I’m wondering how many regions does Darktide have on Microsoft PC?
And do you have EU server?
Many thanks

There are servers in EU, though I couldn’t tell you exactly where. There’s a fatshark post somewhere around here that lists the locations.

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I don’t know where they are but they are clearly complete P.O.S. I play this on XGP and the lags make the game completely unplayable i’ve ~8-12ms 500mb/s connection and in-game i got like 500ms or more most of time for a shooter that’s just a disaster. I don’t know what’s the issue with this game but the servers are just broken which is sad because i genuinely enjoy the game when it works properly that is. I can look past performance issues and lack of endgame but not the connection issues :frowning:

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what region ichi? America?
im in the EU im getting about 20 ping smooth as butter and i dont have half the connection you do

I play from Poland. It’s a nightmare for me and i know for a fact my connection is fine i checked on Diablo 2 /BF V not to mention speed tests the issues only exist in Darktide for me

there should be no problem connecting to a server wherever you are in eu, but i heard that microsoft pass users struggle to find lobbies (lack of players) and IPv6 isnt properly suported and needs a vpn to run.

I don’t see how VPN would help with connection it’s another brick along the way PC-Game Server so it would actually worsen connection i think? And besides i’m not gonna buy VPN just for one game lol :smiley: . Even in the lobby i can sometimes see ppl floating etc. in the missions sometimes i get lucky and no lags otherwise it’s a slide show lol. I checked everything on my end and it’s neither hardware/connection so it’s game servers issue.

its not something i made up its literally part of their official statement regarding IPv6 users so yea, check if you’re running on IPv6 and then you know what the problem is

I’m not rly expert on internet connection but in my Wi-fi connection properties i have both IPv6 and IPv4 enabled.I disabled IPv6 and i got lags anyways so it doesn’t do anything. As for VPN the devs can go f*** themselves i’m not going to buy VPN just cause they haven’t done their jobs right.

How do you know what your ping is?

You can just do online test for that.

i would have the same reaction, its ridiculous