Not getting connected to server with lowest latency

Problem: Darktide connects to hubs and games hosted on servers with higher latency than the physically closest.

As visible in the log Darktide checks for latency on different servers initally. In my case aws-eu-central-1 offers the by far lowest latency as is to be expected due to the data-centers being physically closest to my location (southern Germany).

Despite of that I am consistently being connected to eu-west-servers (UK) with significantly higher latency, as can be seen from the provided logs.

Some clarification on matchmaking-rules/systems would be appreciated as well as some technical support should there be anything I can do about it myself.

(Given we’re talking European servers here, Germany specifically, I highly doubt that the cause for Darktide’s behaviour in that regard is a lack of available games/players close to me. I’ve also played numerous games with fellow germans all the while the game being hosted on UK-servers (aws-eu-west-x). )

Logs: of the latest sessions:
console-2023-03-24-15.04.11-dd5ec407-4a02-402a-b742-9a8999f4ac13.log (314.9 KB)
console-2023-03-24-01.28.28-3c01d478-c474-40f7-8baa-39107c1de83f.log (808.5 KB)


now that is interesting and could explain my higher than expected pings…
same location …

could we get a dev response on this? this is a definite example here


Am I reading the logs wrong? Are you actually not maintaining servers in germany anymore? Anything?

3k hours in Vermintide, long-time supporter, even stuck around for this sorry excuse of a game launch and you’re not able to give a damn answer?
Freakin’ shame, not gonna lie.

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so? nothing?

How do you get your logs to show a list of servers with the latency like that? I’ve got a latency problem I suspect is due to which servers darktide is connecting to due to who I’m playing in my party with, but my console logs don’t show a nice list of servers and their latency like your logs do.

GUID: 06daf606-c798-4746-9f2f-1d9e12737cce
Log File:
Info Type:

I’d also like only to connect to the lowest ping server.
Dodging experience is very different from game to game, it’s frustrating.

Getting 200 ping in South Africa, not sure where servers are located. Anything melee (90%) of the game feels like doo doo.

Still bad latency, not sure why you think I’d rather play with players in a region I get 90+ ping than play solo in my own region with reasonable latency…