Massive issues in cross-region play

Very simple but very infuriating issue - never had issues connecting from Europe-East Coast USA before in Vermintide II, but the moment I get into a strike team with friends i’m disconnected and stuck in a never-ending loading screen near instantaneously. Does anyone have any tips? Failing that, i’m hopeful this can be fixed near or after launch, because i’m loving the game besides the immense strain on the servers currently.

Can only share an experience different from yours. I’ve played with quite a few Americans and Canadians without any issues.

Its backend issues with the servers, its the game, what i want to know is why some have no issues at all and others have crippling game issues that make it unplayable, i have tried everything short of buying a new system xD no fix, not even a hope that its improving, so it must be the game, and fatshark won’t acknowledge it and that makes the frustration level even higher