Do not forget that V2 is a game

There is a reason why some games never die. People keep playing them. Why? you ask. Because theres always a new map.
I am sure you developers dont spend time worshipping statues of Sigmar och looking at digital maps. You PLAY the game. Right?
You buy a game because you want to PLAY it.

Games without new maps die for sure.
Look at L4D 2. Ten years later, it’s still around. More people play L4D2 than V2.
It’s not because it’s a better game, it’s because you never run out of maps.
Look at Killing Floor 2. There’s always some map you have not tested.

But not V2. V2 is taking the wrong turn if dev think people want skins and statues. Thats not why people buy games. They buy them to PLAY.
Skins and statues are for kids, but V2 is not designed for children.

Make it possible for users to create their own maps. If you do not do that, the game WILL die.
And give players dedicated servers. I used to play L4D2 and KF2 and always used a dedicated server. Always. The hosting system V2 uses works fine if you play with friends, but otherwise its a disaster.

Thank you.


I want new maps and events, but… I want skins too. I can say is 33% of my motivation in game.

I honestly don’t know. I mean making a map creator would be a ton of work, too much work I believe.
What keeps me going is maybe the challenge. Getting smashed in Cata is fun. And definetly the lore between our heroes.

It would be too much for for you and me, I guess. But the reality is that without new maps, the game will die. I would never had played L4D2 for 10 years if the only option was Valve maps. No way.
There’s so many other games out there.

I was more referring to the developers making the creation of maps possible.
I can imagine they would need to tweak the AI, the engine… Something like that would drag a pretty long rat-tail with it. And if they would focus on such a huge project that could mean less updates during development.
Less Bugfixes, less Balancing Tweaks, less new stuff. Maybe I am exaggerating, tho.
Sure creating a decent user-made map would also be not a small project.

I don’t disagree with you that user-made maps would be cool. Hell, it would be awesome.
But I personally wouldn’t want that to be a priority right now. Maybe in the future.

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We are living in the future now. The game is one year old. Check out Steam stats. Right now 12,288 people are playing L4D2, a game that is ten years old. V2 doesnt even make the list.


My issue is that we don’t even have solid access to all the level mods. Deeds, winds, weeklies, and difficulty settings all already exist in game. It might be too much work to make an actual map editor, but I see no reason we shouldn’t have better access to everything that spawns on the maps. There’s a bunch of variety right there and the accessibility and combinations for it are lacking.

While I do think adding gameplay variety is a big piece of the puzzle cosmetic customization and reward can be a big part of the game too. I think the Emporium is a great addition but it is lacking in how players engage with it. It doesn’t really reward extended play, It doesn’t care if I don’t go past recruit. Its limited in what gameplay will get me shillings and what won’t. As with any system Fatshark introduces the potential is there but I don’t know if they will elaborate on it enough to make it compelling.

I understand that this is your opinion, but no offense, do not generalize it. There is a great number of people who were asking for better character customization (in terms of hats, armour skins, weapon skins) since the original Vermintide. You may not share this interest, but please don’t make it sound like everybody thinks the same way or that it should be this way.
People want to look cool and differ themselves from other players. People like to express their style - and we are talking about Warhammer, which has an awesome amount of great looking armours, weapons, heraldry etc.

Some say that it doesn’t matter, since Vermintide is a 1stP game, which I can see the argument, but that doesn’t really change anything. You know how you character looks like, and how other players see it.

This honestly made me chuckle a bit.
Are we still talking about Warhammer, where people buy plastic miniatures which they then paint and play games with? Crazy right?
You don’t have to be a child to enjoy something that looks nice/unique. I am sure you are not that naive. Besides, if there is something that the contemporary game-development culture thought us it is that people are willing to spend loads of money, or grind for hours straight only to get something good looking for their virtual characters (and no, most of them are not children).

I wouldn’t necessarily say that new maps is the main reason why people keep playing Vermintide. The strongest aspect of this game is its unique combat and, to some extent, encounter unpredictability.

Of course, having new maps is great (and I personally think that giving the playerbase the ability to create their own maps would be a very important step), but expanding on the core game is more important - creating new careers for existing heroes, improving the crafting system, giving the player base interesting long-term rewarding goals they could aim towards, while adding new interesting maps in regular intervals (as we will hopefully have now with Drachenfels) - but all this costs money.

The game won’t die as long as there are regular - meaningful - updates that won’t hurt the game (like WoM did - even though it was a good idea, however poorly executed).
In the end yes - we will need the ability to create new maps, but right now, FS is still producing new updates and there are way more urgent issues they need to address.

The way I see it, maps only create “horizontal depth” which is not long-lasting. What we need is a “vertical depth” that would bring something fresh and give players a reason to go back and replay the already existing content.


Of course, a game with a lot of bugs is not very attractive. But even if FS fixes all the bugs, it will not prolong the life of the game if theres no new maps.
Its two different problems.
Theres a limit to how many times you can rewatch a good movie.
People will just get tired of playing the same maps over and over again. I understand that FS is not Valve with billions of dollars, I was just trying to state a fact.
Check Steam stats over the 100 most played games if you doubt me.

Mod tools have always been something the devs said they wanted to get to us. According to a dev post on reddit during a Q&A (directly answering my question to them), the tools are “about 95% done”. The problem is that some of the tools they use are not proprietary, and so there are licensing issues with releasing them. This has caused it to be kind of stuck.

So, legal issues aside, giving us modding tools (which would let us fully mod the entire game, from my understanding) are entirely possible.

Just . . . hopefully they get the ownership issues sorted. With them, this game could be immortal.

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I am a bit suspicious about the game will be “fully modable”. But would be cool.

Their plan has always been to release the full development tools. If they release them at all. Again, asking a dev in a stream, I was told that with the tools they aim to release you could do everything from make your own maps to make your own characters.

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skink mod when?

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If the tools come out, looking into making new playable characters is first on my agenda. XD

A nice user-friendly map editor would be a nice addition for sure, i’d love to try making maps for this game.

I don’t think Fatshark has the permission to create a map editor tool for V2 because GW owns the copyright to this game. Any models created outside of GW’s permission might be construed as copyright infringement.

N, Total War Warhammer allows users to mod in custom created models. The only restrictions they have towards modding in new models are:
-Do not import any assets from another game, even if that game is a warhammer fantasy game, even if that game is a total war game
-Do not create mods that are a parody, mockery or insult at the expense of Warhammer Fantasy
-Do not create mods that have content that belong to any IP other than Warhammer Fantasy, even if that IP also belongs to Games Workshop (no 40k, no age of sigmar, etc)

And even then the last two are more of a rule for mods in general, not just for creating new models.

Read the last sentence.


Hmm, this does sound very strict, but it also does not come into effect (or they just don’t care enough?), too.

I think the way modders come around doing what they do is that they only use models and textures that are already in the game, just look at Mixu’s Legendary Lords mods:
to create Drycha for example he upscales a Dryad and changes the colors a bit, maybe a few cosmetic branches here and there.

The GCCM team also creates maps completely pulled from one or two artworks like Karak Kadrin, apparently not a problem at all.

I don’t think this could work for making a skink character (which is quite sad), but creating new maps with existing props?
No reason that the leeway TW:W modders receive shouldn’t also spread to the modders of Vermintide.


This isn’t in contradiction with what I’ve said.
There’s a reason why there’s guides on how to create and import custom models, one of which shows how the author created their own custom shield, put it in the game and then slapped it onto a unit.
I’ve personally also seen one dude in a discord with lots of presence from the developers create a set of dual axes for his custom high elf lord. Completely hand made.