Do not forget that V2 is a game

But it is though. Developers still need to get direct permission from GW as they own everything Warhammer related.

First off, that whole page you linked is directed at fans, at everyday people making fanarts and such. It does not necessarily apply to a game that has paid a license to use the Warhammer IP.

Secondly, even if it did (I haven’t read the entirety of the Vermintide 2 Modding EULA, where this sort of thing is set in stone.), that paragraph you linked still leaves the possibility of making a model that has nothing to do with warhammer completely open. Like, if that paragraph did apply to vermintide 2 modding, that means you can’t make Sunfang or Ghal-Maraz. You can still make a sword in blender and add it to the game. or a hammer.

Well, could. I believe the crux of the matter is that we currently do not have any tools to import new models, sounds or map assets, and that’s the big issue. But, GW-related?
Again, just going by how it works in total war: warhammer, so long as it’s not making fun of the warhammer IP, so long as it does not belong to any IP that isn’t warhammer fantasy, and so long as the asset isn’t ripped from another game, it’s all fair game.

I’ll go read the V2 modding eula to get some actual sources on this.



In addition to the above guidance, bear in mind that Warhammer: Vermintide 2 contains IP owned by Games Workshop, and as a result you should consider the following when creating mods for this title.

  • When uploading Warhammer: Vermintide 2 mods to the Steam Workshop, you’ll need to confirm you’ve read the section on Mods in the game’s EULA.
  • Please ensure your mod meets the requirements laid out in the EULA, especially with regard to the treatment of Games Workshop and Warhammer: Vermintide 2 IP, and ensuring that no third party IP is present.
  • Do not include or alter content in a way that is offensive or denigrating to the World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
  • Apart from Warhammer Fantasy Battles content, please do not include other Games Workshop IPs like Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000 which is separate and often licensed to other companies, or used in other games.
  • It is not permitted to charge or ask for money for your Warhammer: Vermintide 2 mods.

The V2 EULA is here:
With a section on ‘user generated content’ which can refer to anything from fanart, videos or mods, and then a specific section for mods way at the bottom.
This last mod-specific section has this:

3. Content Restrictions
Any element which you include in your Mod must be your own original work created by you or you must have obtained the necessary permissions to use such materials. You are responsible for the content of any Mods which you create and publish on the Modding Page and shall warrant and represent to Fatshark that your Mods do not contain:

  • any materials which are discriminatory, racist, obscene, libelous, offensive, illegal, defamatory, inappropriate, invasive, or likely to adversely affect the reputation or goodwill of Fatshark and/or its licensors;

  • any resemblance to any recognisable third party brand, character or personality, including but not limited to any trademark logos or third party assets except for those assets provided to you by Fatshark as necessary for the creation of the Mod for use with the Game;

  • any assets from other games published by Fatshark, its affiliates or licensors, or any other third party;

  • any materials which do not comply with any additional instructions provided to you by Fatshark including but not limited to as published on the Modding Page which may be updated by Fatshark from time to time; and

  • any malicious code, including viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted data, or other content that contains malicious code or in any way damages or interfere with the operation of the Game.

These are all the restrictions we have when making mods in general.
No viruses, all content must be created by the mod creator or used with specific permission, no making fun of warhammer fantasy, no presence of 3rd party ip, no presence of a GW ip that isn’t warhammer fantasy, no horrible stuff.

So, yes, so long as we get even more modding tools such as ways to import models, sounds and create a map, the license won’t be an issue.

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Developers must create new maps , release them as dlc or free,
new maps by developers that is what v2 needs asap
new maps, not maps from v1,
new maps

You in the beta, mate? The new Drachenfels map is a new map. And, presumably, so will the rest of 'em, once they drop.


I don’t undersand this post.
There ARE new maps coming (we just had Old Haunts), so why do you complain ?

Especially with such a strange argumentation =>

  • People plays Diablo even if tilesets didn’t move for years, seasons adding skins mostly, and people not caring at all about the “random maps” here
  • People still plays arcade games like Metal Slug, Ikaruga, or even Versus fighting games without new maps at all.
  • Team Fortress 2 players, or the latest iteration of Counter Strike, despite mods, plays usually on official maps. They certainly don’t quit the game because of a lack of maps.
  • League of Legends players plays on 2/3 maps at most. And the game release tons of cosmetics without any issue.

So yeah, people will keep playing vermintide despite the lack of maps (which V2 does not even lack to begin with). And yeah, people do like the adding of skins, it adds objectives to the game.

Will you create them ? Because you’ll not have the same community of modders that Valve or Bethesda have. By a long shot. It’s technical to create a map. This means you’re asking them to develop “friendly tools” and a full documentation, which will takes months (if they didn’t start yet, which I think they did), for little benefit here.


It is also important to note that these community made maps will not have any new voice acting that could convey new story for Vermintide. Just new zones you can walk around without any story to back it up.
I personally care about these things quite a lot, no matter how small, scarce or insignificant they may seem.


I understand your point, but playing with the same basic looks every game in a fantasy setting is dull. If you think game will die. Leave :slight_smile:

I think finding the balance between releasing old AND new is the best. I also would like new maps but its not like skaven have forgotten about a place just because a valient dwarf and his 4 tag alongs been there…

Map editor might be a nice addition and it will help somewhat but people are sorely overestimating the community. There are several reasons. I will just copy my text from my Weave Editor thread:

In contrast to other people I do not believe that a map-editor will be the holy salvation tool. The reason for this are numerous. In short I do not believe the community is capable of creating quality maps which can be played in the official realm:

  • If you look at the L4D2 workshop you see that lot of maps there are either unusable trash or are just copied from other media (Helm’s Klamm, City 17, Resident Evil 2) and fit as such not the Warhammer Lore. Of course there are also several quality maps, but they are rare and needed 6 months or more normally to create.
  • Atmosphere will be lacking as they will not have custom voice lines like nearly all other maps in the game. Banter will cover this partly, but there will be missing something.
  • Maps have to be within reason and lore of Warhammer and the Ubersreik 5. This is not actually that easy.
  • Maps will most likely have a veeerrryyy similar feel to already existing maps as most map creators rely on existing assets which means: Cities and Forests. This was less a problem for L4D2 or Unreal Engine games as there are several other games were creators could rip assets from. The outlook for Autodesk is rather bleak in comparison.
  • Other reasons

With these limitations in mind I don’t see more than 2 or 3 maps per year which could reach the official realm. In addition to this, there seems to be some legal jumbo mumbo causing problems for a release.

And if you take the community maps away you will see that ALL content released for L4D1 and 2 combined is less than what we have right now for Vermintide 2. L4D is really not a good example for developer support and the reason it is still popular today is far more and different from “Because maps”. I think I answered that question in the past as well. But searching it sounds like a pain.