Do Beastmen patrols have any sound cues beyond the banner carrier's chant?

Walking around a corner into what turns out to be a patrol while expecting a banner carrier and a few friends is… not great.

Yup, they make this quiet huffing noise; like a herd of cattle/horses shambling down the road. The banner alone without a patrol makes a chanting noise.

Then the banner might be overriding the patrol noise. I had an opportunity to observe a patrol, and the chanting is definitely there still. Maybe it’s a bug?

I’ve never heard a chanting with a patrol. Is it possible you had a patrol + stand alone banner?

It could be a bug as well; I remember reporting something similar during internal test.

Interesting, I also get the chanting with the patrol. I always just assumed the banner was a part of the patrol. Perhaps they are spawning together.


I’ve been unable, so far, to tell a difference. But I rarely seem to encounter Beastmen patrols - if I do, it’s generally just because I realize I’m suddenly fighting too many Bestigors to just be ambients.

You’re correct, it is. It’s always a single Standard Bearer in front. Beastmen patrols have two possible compositions, unlike Skaven and Chaos that only have one. They can be either:

1 Standard Bearer
4 Gor
6 Bestigors
15 Ungor Archers


1 Standard Bearer
8 Gor
8 Bestigor

The above is for Cataclysm. Lower difficulties scale this down.

Patrol often do bearer special sound as client. Not playing mich as host, so cant tell if its happening