Sound problem with beastmen


All beastmen faction has sound troubles, we don’t heard them well.

Hordes? No sound. (while other factions have a good distinctive one) (You don’t hear them moving around enough).
Gors in your back? No sound, you get hit and get surprised about this !
Patrol? Like no sound, they are so silent !
Their boss, the minotaur, even him does not produce much sound !

Are they so stealthy while walking around, so they don’t produce any sound?

Like if you worked the visual but forgot the sound effects :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, Fatshark, everyone will ask you for a fix in this :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading that.


Yeah, Beastmen race has no sound clues to inform the player they are coming. They don’t even have step sounds. You never know if the entire horde is behind your back.
In Vermintide you don’t just see things on the screen, you feel them with your back and ears so you know where the next danger is.
So please, fix this asap. Beastmen must be load as hell as they stomp with their hooves

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