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So i have played both maps at least twice each before taking a break to think about it a bit and i wanted to share my feedback on it.

I truly enjoyed both maps, they feel higher in quality than anything previously done and there are more places to explore and look around for supplies and hidden loot stuff that makes them feel bigger and somewhat more immersive rather than this long line you just run on with supplies lying on the side with loot items hidden on a roofbeam or in a box above your head in certain spots.

Felt really good that they seem to have fixed enemy specials spawns too, i havent had any assassins/packmasters or gunners spawn ontop of me and do their thing instantly, nor have i had any blightstormer issues which just feels like heaven all of a sudden.

Visuals and sounds were both good in both runs, although the chaos spawn/biletroll sounds in some places didnt make too much sense and those places could use their own music…like the dark tunnel fights on the blightreaper map.

And further on bugs, i havent yet fallen through the map floor despite them being new, i´ve done so multiple times on the old maps so good job on stability this time^^

Now i havent managed to test all the classes and their weapons at all but i tested multiple of kerillians as she is my most played by far, i will try to keep it short on those i tested.

1handed sword still feels really bad, its light attacks are so slow and the cleave too weak to really accomplish anything worthwhile…seriously why does it feel like i am a snail while using light attacks?

SnD felt good, no complaints.

Spear…i am sorry to say this but i had a terrible experience with the spear, it was bugging extremely hard with constant phantom hits issues and i couldnt really deal with it, but on the posetive side it felt good when it wasnt bugging.

2handed sword…i have been waiting for this one to be changed and it felt quite good i think! The changed heavy attack mechanic was a real improvement and the speed&damage buffs did wonders, i´ll do more with this once i get done with the untested ones.

“Edit” Alright having played with the 2handed sword some more i think i wasnt wrong but not right either, the heavy attack buffs did help but the light attacks are still too weak, too clunky and slow, for this weapon to work it needs solid light attacks which it does not have. “end of edit.”

Dual daggers…were absolutely glorious, no phantom hits, at all, worked exactly as intended and it felt soooo good after having dealt with their bugging just slightly but often before, the sheer speed and mobility even if you dont kill heaps at every swing made them feel really fluid and soo satisfying…those slight bugs before really broke my happiness but now its all just great.

Now on the maps again, i honestly forgot the names of both but the blighreaper map start that is quite dark needs to have its spawns really tightly controlled, one of my teams got really unlucky and had a patrol just block a passage in a dark area and we had to go into a real meatgrinder to get past…seriously fighting multiple stormvermin near blind without supplies isnt fun.

And the blightreaper damage was kinda high, if the team takes any damage during the fight before that they will usually not stand a chance at making it through.

And the other blackhook pirate&smuggling map had some problems with the part where the team locks itself into a burning warehouse with enemies pouring through repairable windows, i had a case when 5 berserkers poured through the same window behind 6 shieldcarriers and a bunch of others and it was a huge headache to deal with.

…Please spread those berserkers out a bit? Or at least make it so they cant hit you before going inside the building, a few of them hit me through the damn wall when i wasnt even completely next to it <.<

Finally the trolls feels kinda weak post nerfs.

Well all in all it was actually a rather fun and unexpectedly smooth experience for a pair of new maps, and while some weapons might need some tweaks, nerfs, bugfixes or even buffs i think it was pretty cool all in all, maybe we dare hope for the talent trees to become a bit more diverse in terms of what´s actually good?

I mean…even when i ran shortbow+daggers on kerillian the kills for temp health was waaaay better than the crits for temp health…stuff like that, but one step at a time.

Keep up the good work @Fatshark_Hedge &The other ones that i dont know about!^^

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