Some feedback after a 2-3 month break

After returning to check out the game with the DLC, and playing a couple of days, I must say that I still have mixed feelings about the game.


  • The DLC maps are really nice and interesting, from both visual and gameplay aspects.
  • Some quality of life improvements on the base maps were also a welcome sight.
  • Good to see some new cosmetics added to the game.
  • The release of the sanctioned mods are also welcome, though could be a bit faster in terms of utility mods (hpbars, dmg numbers by Grasmann for example)
  • Most bosses are fun to fight, finally, not a pain in the a**. (2 exceptions, details below)
  • I found Krubers 2h sword is really good now with the changes

CONS(some bugs along with my experience)

  • The specials are still a big mess.
    First, the blightstormers 80% of the time just mumbling out of tagging range on the other side of the map. The assassins sound cue often comes after it pounced on someone, or they get muted after an unsuccessful stabby-stabby. They also jump through fences in a way, that they launch immediately midair from their apex, making them totally unpredictable without the intended delay before the pounce. The spawning is still messed up. I had packmasters spawn literally on me, and grabbing me, gasrats spawning 3-4m before a player. Packmaster reach is still ridiculous, pulling in ppl from 5-6m with the 2m polearm.
  • The problematic bosses: the first is just a minor problem, the stormfiend sometimes turns after a dodging player and throws the flame where the player dodged, even though the dodge was well timed. The other is the spawn. This is just frustrating at its current state. Its totally unpredictable, the time window to damaging it is the smallest, and its extremly hard to not srew up when soloing it, since the damage comes at the start of animation (the 4 hit combo), and not around the end of it, like at all the other bosses. Also this boss still doing those insane instant 180° slams, in the exact time with the aggrochange sound.
  • There could be more weekly quests, and the 25 quickplay could be less. Not everyone has the time for that much. 10-15 games could be much more acceptable, for the community in my opinion.
  • The DLC crates are dropping loot all over the carreers, not just to the one that the box was opened on… Why? When I try to collect everything on my main carreer(Keri), sure I really need 3 hats for hobo, and 5 other for Saltz, and all the weapon skins for Siena… Why couldnt you keep the system as it was improved from VT1? If you change it like it should have been, and the DLC owners dont get those wasted boxes back im gonna flood the forum with angry topics, and im not gonna be alone im sure.
  • Some weapons are totally unusable on legend, unless you want to suffer. To highlight some: Rapier on Saltz is really slow in terms of blocking. After using it on low ping, I got hit several times in the animation, while putting up block, and already seeing the shields(even used parry, and as build). Kerillians 2h sword is just a disaster. Its tremendously slow, even with AS build, and the damage is pityful on the charged headshots. I had easier time with onehanded sword soloing chaospatrols and hordes. Also you cant use 2h weapons on shade to kill cws with ult, only dualwielded ones. This is just stupid, 2hsword, spear, and glaive charged headshot damage is simply not enough with ult (though the glaive is still good everywhere else). The dnd is stupidly strong right now in good hands, but since im getting bored of them, how about fixing other weapons to be valid on legend? Every weapon can kill hordes, but facing armor with some of them is just a no go.
  • System to trade/exchange reds? My swiftbows and a bag of charms for a dagger! :smiley:
  • The randomness of maps. I played like 7 hours today on 3 maps. Yesterday we got the same map 5! times, even after we started killing ourselves after the second one in succession.
  • The sliding and the 6m reach on chaos when kiting back is still present, and ridiculous.
  • Some hats… Just who made those ugly half open-bald looking hats for Kerillian? Warhammer games are full of cool looking armors, and thats what you put ingame?

Overall, while the Cons are more are more and I went into some details, im happy with the direction of the game. Its slow, I know, but im sure they dont have an easy task. Also most of these issues are in since launch, so I hope that they will fix it soon, or let some modders do that. Regardless, I wouldnt play 500 hours with a bad game, so keep up the good work!


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