Difficulties or i should change it?

Hello everyone,
i really like the game and i was wondering if theres a possibility for a higher difficulty then legend that dont have to be deeds https://showbox.bio/ or stuff like that, i like the base game and woul like a bit more challangeing “vanilla” mode.

Or to bump up legend a lilbit maybe gurantee https://tutuapp.uno/ a boss spawn in evry legend mission.

Also lil sidenote feedback: Ranald is a butt! (more jokeing) but hes really not nice to me :c

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A new (and higher) difficulty setting is going to be implemented in the upcoming expansion pack, Winds of Magic.


Ranald is one cheeky bugger, I’ll tell you what.

Well, I recommend playing the Official Realms as long as they can possibly satisfy you so that you get all of the gear/levels you want before you trade over to thrill-seeking. Once you really just want to see the challenge of the game, give Onslaught a whirl on the Modded Realms with some friends… try Champion, to start. They truly throw 100s of elites at you and boss fights (Bödvarr, Spinemangler, and Burblespue) are all absolutely brutal even on Champion difficulty. Then go to Legend if you are still seeking the thrill :stuck_out_tongue:

New difficulties to come with the Winds of Magic, as @LordRhinark has said.

WoM is coming.

For now if you want to stay on offical try twitch mode.
Lowest you can go through the game setting is 30/30.
If you modify the .ini file you can go lower.
Most people play with it set to 10/10.

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