Did your favourite hero change from VT1 to VT2?

In VT1 I played almost exclusively as Witch Hunter, he had good ranged weapons, especially the pistols were awesome, as they were quite powerful and had a magnificent firerate and ammo capacity. And for melee you had the Rapier, the most unique weapon in all of VT1 as it was the only melee weapon that could shoot, and the rapier itself was quite good both when dueling with stormvermin and when slicing through the crowd.

But now my favorite hero is the Mercenary, simply because he feels really powerful, the halberd is great against both hordes and strong enemies and with the passive ability melee combat gets even more fun.
And the shotgun feels just magnificent! It’s a one shot kill for almost every enemy and it’s also a great horde thinner.

And the active ability of the mercenary is top, knocking down enemies and healing your friends, what more could you ask for.

Did you find a new favorite?

I am elf. So how I could play something else. Nah im old fat guy playing games. But yea I still play elf waystalker.

I like to be able to shoot things in the head…but I also like dual daggers in their heads.
Truflight bow in V1 was godlike. Active ability on Waystalker is somewhere in that spot…dual daggers with trait crits reduce of remaining cd time on F making me smile :space_invader:

Was mage and Soldier in VT1. In fixed teams often soldier because we needed an extra shield.
Kruber didn’t feel satisfying to me at first, though that has changed by now, so I made my main Sienna again.
Love her flamestorm staff to bits.
Well, I seem to play everything but dwarf.
Not much of a difference, I guess.
… Never liked the elf much, though - I really like her more now that she has more 2h weapon options. Wish sienna had one, too.

I am playing kruber and saltzypre.

I played saltzypre first and i love the variety of the careers.

However, I have to say that Kruber mercenary is currently my favorite.

I love the extra cleaving capabilities and critical chance. It feels so good to cleave chaos with the two-handed sword.

I haven’t gotten the full game yet, but i loved cleaving heretics in the pre order beta. Felt good.

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In V1 i tried Sienna and i was an absolue noob - Sienna was one of the reasons why i quit playing V1.
But after sometime i the DLC came out and i tried it again and holy moly - Saltzpyre nice and Kruber with getting the executionerssword just satisfying.

In the beta in tried unchained and fell in love with Sienna, but currently i only play her as Pyromance.
But i have to admit @Fatshark i have just the feeling that you do everything right with Kubers merchanery carreer. I like the playstyle wrecking through hordes headshooting strong enemies and the carreer skill has more then one utility he is like a swissknnife and like kai.gonee aleady wrote “the shotgun”.

A few days ago i started leveling Bardin and now i am playing as Ironbreaker. I will choose him to try to complete legendary difficulty.
I never played Bardin seriously in V1 i played him during the dwarfen dlc to get the picaxe which is a funny weapon but in the end i never gave him an interessted glance.

Now he is amazing. Try him. Play him. Geet hooked!

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I have been playing Bardin ever since VT1 and I still love him today, so I totally agree with @smudda1988. Play the dwarf and learn new Khazalid phrases as you go!

I was never really a fan of the elf in VT1 (maybe because these two don’t really get along :wink:) but stabbing people with a spear is really fun!

I used to play much more as Victor, Elf, and Kruber and didn’t much enjoy the wizard until I got Unchained. And Bardin’s new careers make him a lot more fun for me than he used to be. Saltzpyre will still be my favorite, but I appreciate the two I didn’t play as much more than I used it.

Kruber is no longer just the bad dwarf and I like that.

Yeah, elf is garbage in v2, I mean… not really but I like her playstyler for harder content a lot less in v1. The fact you need anti armor prevents me from using a faster weapon set up, and I frankly dislike the glaive so, im a Kruber main now. RIP Kerrilian :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to play alot of Kerillian back in V1, and changed betwen her and Saltzpyre every now and then because of the gameplay. Now i main on Saltzpyre and second Kerillian. I just love how he is now compared to V1. Fantastic job.

that was only the case prior to them adding the executioner blade dlc

tbh, I’m one of those who chooses to have no preferential binding to any one particular character as it just makes sense to fully gear and get good with all the characters for versatility, but back when starting out in my newbie days in V1 I exclusively played Sienna then doubled over to Bardin once i got those drakefires.

Sadly, I find Sienna VERY lacking this time around, esp as the battle mage and have much chagrin over the fact they couldn’t be bothered to think of some actually cool and exciting new things for her. I mean FFS if Kerillian can all of the sudden be part troll with regen on one hand and dark elf on the other than why couldn’t they have had Sienna as a celestial wiz as one of her careers? sure as hell would had been much better than classes as lazily hashed out as “battle mage and pyromancer,” which are just synonyms for bright wizard in the first place! :man_facepalming:

Was the dwarf in V1 and the dwarf in V2. Dwarves are my favorite fantasy race, for one. They can practically eat rocks and poop gun powder (think about that next time Bardin says he can smell some ammo).

I like the weapon selection, 2h axe took a little getting used to in V1 but it is my favorite weapon. I’m not totally sold on it for V2, though. His 1h hammer is amazing in both. The grudge raker is great, as well. I even use it on my Iron Break half the time.

His voice lines and singing have always been my favorite, too.

And some day, I hope he’ll find some bumpins (or bugmans, if you go by the subtitle rather than what it sounds like he’s saying).

Pro tip: you should play waylaid then go to the cellar with the potions n such and you can see a barrel of bugmans behind little wood divide there :wink:

I played Witch Hunter VT1, started with him in 2, got him to 30… then discovered Tank Bardin and fell in love. Imo, nothing beats dual drakefires w/ 20% overheat reduction trait and 30% talent reduction… just firing nonstop into hordes :smiley: (wish it was a bit more accurate tho, but i can live w/ it). Also loving first spec Elf… Longbow w/ ammo regen = <3

I found the barrel. Seems there is no visual indication that this is bugmans, though. I had to play as the dwarf and trigger his audio when it is spotted.

I half expected to find a barrel of it or something in Bardin’s room above the forge in V2. But sadly, I did not find any.

elf was my favourite in v1, used to solo cata with my red sword and dagger, good times.

now in vt2, elf is still my favourite. i’m a weapons maniac, and her movesets are just so fluid and tasty, she’s just so versatile with weapon swapping, blocking, dodging, retailiation etc and switching up her weapons just keeps the game fresh.

tried playing sienna a lot, but she’s just way too slow on so many things.

kruber’s huntsman is fun because his longbow is really powerful, and 2h hammers for both dorf and kruber is real nice to bop SVs and chaos warriors on the head with, and sweeping hordes left and right watching their bodies fly. it’s slow though, so defence is a little thin.

for salt, BH is OP. difficult to get him out when surrounded, but his volley xbow is insane. i wish i had his kind of ammo regen capabiilty on the elf.

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But what about Bardin? :cry: wheres the love for your tiny dwarf friend?

In VT1 I think people underestimated his Kruber’s repeater prowess… quick stop to crouch to improve aim. Ran with fast reload, targeteer, more ammo. ( magazine size post nerf to reload) Naturally had +1 penetration w/ targeteer it had fantastic accuracy while stutter crouching. I racked up more ranged kills on the regular than kerrilians, salts, and siennas.

It sucks that the repeater is nothing close to it’s former glory.

Already in VT1 I liked more to regularly change my character than specialize. While I didn’t have a clear favourite, I disliked Sienna and played Kerillian too a bit less than the other three.

Now, I still change playstyles and careers every now and then, but if anything, my appreciation for the characters has evened out. While I still dislike Sienna for the most part, Unchained helped spark my interest in her. Likewise, Kerillian’s HM and Shade are a lot more interesting to me than WS. I may have a bit less appreciation for Victor in general, and I can’t play BH or Huntsman at all, but all in all, my likes are more balanced now.

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