Did you really have to nerf crucian roulette?

It was super fun being able to do a crit build with any weapon on zealot. Now it’s just another filler blessing that you never want to see.

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Man they fixed my exploits :frowning:


Sorry, I can understand why psyker players are upset about the kinetic deflection “fix”, i’m one of them. But the crucian roulette was straight up obviously a bug and exploit. As fun as it maybe, zealots do enough damage in malee. Also it’s still a pretty good blessing for your gun.

Also, it a good idea not to get used to obviously OP exploit. Have fun with them every so often if you find them but don’t build around them.


The crucian roulette is the big influence to use the revolver. The weapon so badly design its literally useless in high difficulty. It kept us player having some fun with crit + bleed build while the dev ignoring this broken game for so long. It require good aim skill with bullet awareness to use. How many zealot player u see using it in T5 ? Its a rare build and not many players have good tier bless with the revolver. I wonder why its the main priority to fix when other issues such as :

  1. in game broken chat, not functioning 70% of the time
  2. Stamina curio bar bug
  3. Dodge slide to wall will kept u stuck
  4. Mutant wall ram will telepot u to other room / area
  5. The flying doggo + ignoring stagger

All the issue mentioned still persist after the new patch. Its a game breaking issue idk u guys get my point. Sigh

Crucian abuse ranged from haha funny meme build (some of which I will miss) to genuinely broken OP on some Zealot builds. The writing was absolutely on the wall for it, and I’m not sad it’s gone overall TBH. Problems with HH and revolver weren’t fixed by Crucian, it just encouraged using those weapons as a stat stick rather than an actual gun.

Hopefully we will get more weapon balance not too far into the future. In the meanwhile the cross weapon blessing abuse is gone as expected. Zealot didn’t need the help anyway.

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It’s not.

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wait till you find out they stealth nerfed infernus’ dps in this patch

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Crucian Roulette was obviously too good to be true, but it was the only way* I could make use of 2 of the best zealot feats while bringing an Eviscerator or a Thunder Hammer. They have a bunch of crit stuff that without the Roulette it just pushes you into a bleed knife build and I find that extremely limiting.

I enjoyed the build diversity but they were obviously going to exterminatus this. And now I’m probably shelving my zealot for the forseeable future.

*okay maybe exaggerating here, but it was the only way I could have fun with the slower weapons.

You know heaps of people run non crit Zealot on Damnation right? You can still run Hammer and Evicerator, they’re very solid weapons without crit build. Non crit Zealot barely even loses DPS in most cases, you just can’t afford to straight face tank things like you can with the heavily overtuned crit damage reduction feat. Honestly learning to play Zealot without crit build will make you a vastly better Zealot overall, I strongly recommend embracing the learning curve rather than shying away as soon as a crutch is removed.

And if you really feel you need a crutch to play Zealot just bring Flamer as a backup.


Too bad i had a lot of fun using it…it was so much smooth and enjoyable with that 30% crit chance build with zealot.
Now zealot lost a lot of enjoyability :expressionless:. Pretty much like zealot was build for that much crit chance.
Think it’s a mistake to fix this. Cant going full berzerk rusher anymore :neutral_face:

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Please see my previous comment. It applies to your comment even more here. Crit build isn’t just forgiving it manages to make even highest difficulties pretty brain dead. It’s crazy to me how many people seem to think Crucian crit Zealot should be baseline as if that doesn’t completely trivialise the game and defeat the purpose of having 5 difficulty levels.

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Yeah I know people run those weapons just fine, my annoyance is mostly that there’s nothing in the zealot’s feat tree that focuses on chain or two handed weapons. I feel like the good stuff is focused on crits and bleed.

I’ll just stick with the big boi for melee until something brings me back to zealot.

Wait, what?

Infernus already got nerfed enough awhile back, what happened to it in this patch?

basically, tier 3 infernus got dps cut by over half for no reason

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I use mainly two templates. The first is the critic one, really effective, the second is the one that I would call “big dps”. With it, when the ability until death occurs, I can replenish my entire HP bar if I am in middle of an horde.
The second template is less effective, but maybe it is because I played a lot with the critic template.
There is also a feat (2nd tier) that is great with the weapon crusher.
So, i think that zealot preacher has a lot of possibilities with its feats. I don’t think that there is only one good template.