PSA: Crucian Roulette Bug was FIXED. Stop trying to use it or rely on it

PSA: Crucian Roulette Bug (exploit) was FIXED. Stop trying to use it, if you relied on it get ready for a big change.

I noticed a dude mag-dumping -1 his autogun at start to pair with Eviscerator. It seemed to me he was trying to use the Crucian Roulette bug, so I explained the bug was fixed. I explained it 3x before he said “Oh I don’t seem to be critting as often” so I explained it again. He died and left.

From Patch Notes:

Fixed issue where weapon blessing ‘Crucian Roulette’ critical strike chance would be applied to melee attacks.

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That’s great… It was seriously a bad bug. I have a weapon with crucian roulette, a revolver.
However I tried the bug just to see the difference and played without after this try.

Well, the difference was huge. It did not forbid me to use critic templates but… At this moment I use a combat axe without, off course, a critic template.

But seriously, we had people that were running on heresy and playing with their dagger and not even waiting the group.

This bug was terrible. Now, let’s see if, without it, critic templates are yet OP. I am glad they fixed it.

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I told it people also before and said it isnt worth using as it will get patched.
People exploiting are allways too sweaty and mostly unpleasent to me.
But to each their own i would guess. Stuff like this is not for me, i even feel bad canceling animations with TH, but well i did it in several situations like have 3 Crushers and 3 Bullwarks coming at me at once.