(Re)Buff Crucian Roulette on Headhunter Autoguns

Crucian Roulette was notorious for its exploit where it gave the % crit gained to your melee weapon.

That has since been fixed, but Fatshark had decided to double down on nerfing it on top of that, and subsequently turned it into one of the worst blessings in the game.

And from preliminary testing (several updates ago, specifically), the total bursts count as 1 ammo in a magazine, meaning you get 1/3 or 1/2 of the effectiveness of this blessing based on which Headhunter you’re using. Shocking, isn’t it?

On this example weapon, Crucian Roulette gives an average of about +6.6% crit chance at half mag. This is about the expected average you should get from this blessing due to the linear rate of % crit gained.

Compared to Surgical, where you get +10% crit every .25 seconds. On average you will probably get anywhere from 1-3 stacks per shot. At a minimum of 1 stack, you are almost at the maximal effective crit rate of Crucian Roulette on this weapon (+12% at 2 ammo left).

Please rebuff this blessing. It’s a brick in its current state unless I’m truly missing something.


Yeah they absolutely murdered crucian for no good reason now I have no idea what you’d even take it on or why. New revolver maybe for lack of better options.

It’s bad and FS should feel bad for what they’ve done to it.


I think it’s okay on the new revolver. It’s better on the original revolver because you can keep it at 1 ammo loaded, even if it’s more micro that way. You can keep a +24% critrate in such an instance. With the new revolver you’re only averaging about +12% critrate from 4 to 1 ammo.

Surgical might just be better on both in the end if you have the discipline for it.

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