Buff/ unnerf Crucian Roulette


content drop was great! So first of all thank you!

however: Why did you nerf crucian roulette and claim it is now just working as it should and is in line with the old version? Because it is certainly not.

My suggestion: Double the values for Headhunter so we get least 1% inc crit for tier 4 1.5 would prbably be better and do a 7.5 or maybe more for the pistol. Vraks is at least still playable but for revolver its kinda ugly.


Yeah revolver had its values straight halved for absolutely no reason. Reaching high crit chance by doing partial reloads and keeping your mag only half full most of the time was one of the few strings revolver had to its bow.

Absolutely maddening that they not only nerf it but present it as if they’ve balanced the new numbers so it’s equivalent. We can do basic math FS, can you? It’s very clear this blessing was just made significantly worse overall.


not only that, and I think it may have been you that mentioned it, but we don’t even get the last stack from the blessing because we would only ever get 4/5. 5th chamber being empty doesn’t impact anything. They’d have to change that part about it too, like having the last shot in a chamber/mag get a boost.

I normally dislike any perk or blessing that relates to crits, because they’re inherently random; I’d rather have something with a consistent and reliable effect.

However, Crucian Roulette brought crit chances high enough that one could somewhat rely on them, with the inherent caveat that gaining the benefit meant running your cylinder/magazine half empty. (Which, let’s be honest, is a bigger drawback than most blessings have; most either work automatically or require things like a weak spot hit that’s a good thing for players to try for anyway).

Now it’s straight into the region of being too unreliable to suffer the drawbacks; I’d rather have twice as much ammo loaded than maybe getting a crit that I can in no way plan for and therefore cannot usefully use.

I say “Don’t go back” on this.

However, they should increase the value of crucian roulette for revolver, but only for this weapon and considering the number of bullets that can make you get the bonus (4).
A 10% / bullet seems good (the situation before the patch).
At most, it gives you +40% critical chances.

considering the new values, and after checking them again, it gives +20% for all weapons. That’s perfectly good enough tbh… so I, now, think, that there is no need to revert changes.
But, revolver needs badly a BUFF!

I would hate that they just roll back like what they did for maniac and combat axes. Something needed to be fixed here.

While balance changes are one thing, it is an additional unfairness when people have made choices to lock out/swap Blessings based on how they used to work.

The bonus is yet +20% at T5 (just checked again now).
I am not even sure that an increase on revolver is needed (what I said before your post and will correct).

And the bonus used to be +40% or +50% (depending on which weapon we’re talking about; the Headhunter autoguns could get ten stacks right at the end of a mag, but also couldn’t choose to half reload, so it somewhat balances out).

I, despite not normally liking crit builds because “Oh, maybe this hit will do extra damage” is not a strategy, was okay to have this on weapons because it was occasionally useful enough when shooting at a couple of charging mutants or a monstrosity.

It’s now put itself right back into a category that I’m not at all interested in it - crits are now once again too unreliable for me to care, and I’ve got to restart the painful crawl of replacing those weapons.

I use a revolver with hand canon… so critic is absolutely needed.
4.5% per bullet (T3) gives you a bonus of 18%.
If you add the perk +5 critical chances and with a 80% modifier (that gives you 21% chances to get a critic), you get a base of 26% to get a critic.
So, the crucian roulette can give you 30% with 1 bullet missing, 35% with 2, 39% with 3 and 44% for the last bullet.
That’s not really bad.

Problem of the revolver is the damages done on weak spot… not the crucian roulette nerf.

+20%? ONLY after you consume 40 rounds in the magazine. On a Headhunter Mk VII with 32 rounds you get average 8% extra crit chance, and ONLY if you never reload until mag’s empty, which is not really practical, so you get somewhere like 5%. That is just lame considering Headhunter barely has any blessing that synergize with crit except Deadly Accurate, which is a poor blessing as it only gives about 1.2x damage on Weakspot Crit.

Crit itself without additional effect on a Headhunter is essentially just 1.8x damage since you won’t use it against Crushers. 5%
more crit chance for 1.8x damage converts to 1.04x overall damage. This just can’t be any worse

I think you and I are coming at this from different angles.

This isn’t for me about whether the buff is still useful (but this is definitely an overall downgrade - the only time it’s better is by a tiny amount in the first ~1-3 shots on a Headhunter before a stack would have kicked in before).

The thing for me is that making balance changes like this (or, in some cases completely changing how a blessing works) is dishonest when you also lock out crafting; people may have spent many dozens of hours trying to claw an item close to their ideal of perfection, only for Fatshark to change “the game”.

Balance changes are all well and good, but you’ve then got to let players change with them, rather than telling them “tough luck, start over”.

I got lucky; Melk had a good replacement for the Headhunter autogun I was no longer impressed with, but for others throwing a spanner in their build might just make them walk.

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generally speaking, anything that boosts crit damage or weakspot damage right now is a throwaway stat because of the way they have such miniscule modifiers on their “bucket” damage system. If the buff was like 100% (yes 100, not exaggerating) bonus crit damage, then it might be able to compete with a 25% flat damage bonus. As of right now, using a revolver as an example, 25% damage from 300 gives an additonal 100 damage for each shot, regardless of crit. Adding crit damage might give an additonal 15 damage, per crit, which is not only an 85% decrease over a flat damage stat, but has to account in crits to even get there.

You might argue that the 25% bonus only applies to a single armor class, where crits can be applied regardless, you still have to take into account what you’re likely going to be using the weapon for, which is taking out elites and specials, of which are largely either flak or maniac, so you’d have to weigh out if trading off guaranteed 100 damage in most scenarios is going to be better than occasionally getting 15 more in every scenario. If the crit damage perk was 100 instead of 10%, that would bring the 15 damage to 150, and with a 50% average crit chance it would bring the total statistical dps to a bonus 75, which is 25% lower than the flat damage bonus, but applies across the board.

Also, specifically for the revolver, crits themselves are worse than headhunter (1.55-1.7x vs 1.9x, which is actually pretty wtf for a weapon with a crit specific modifier), but the weakpoint bonus is so insanely horrible that getting a weakpoint crit is only, at best, like 15% better than a non-weakpoint crit. Adding an extra 10% crit or weakspot damage would actually only get you a couple percent more damage, each of which is in the ‘negligible’ category atm.

Absolutely mind-boggling design choices.

Crucian on vraks mk3 HH feels pretty gutted right now, kind of a bummer after i spent so much time and materials to even get close to the roll i wanted for it.

Its kinda brutal and needs some re-adjusting to say the least, it went from “YEAH CRUCIAN” to “Well, its something i suppose”

This must be the most incompetent balance team i’ve ever had the displeasure of suffering from. And darktide is a co-op vs ai game, so something went incredibly wrong here.