Crucian Roulette stays active after weapon switch

Ranged weapon blessing Crucian Roulette (crit_chance_based_on_ammo_left) stays active after switching weapons also granting drastically increased melee critical strike chance.

A crit stacking Preacher can easily perform more than 20 critical hits in a row.

Request to please keep this the way it is. This and Shred may not be “working as intended” but the high crit play style is really fun, please don’t just remove it from the game.


I agree with this, since „abusing“ it for a melee bonus, comes at the cost of not really being able to use a ranged weapon (which is a fair tradeoff imo, considering that the zealot has access to the boltor as well as the flamethrower, which both are incredibly powerful ranged options).
Especially with the limited build diversity we already have, i think that this apparently unintended use of the blessing is definitely a good thing, as it allows to play as a specialized and fully committed melee zealot.


For Veteran and Psyker i think, it is pretty much irrelevant anyway, because it makes no sense for these classes to make use of crucian roulette for increased melee capabilties.
However, for the Zealot, it is really nice because it opens up build diversity massively, by making any melee weapon viable for a crit build (which is currently pretty much limited to the dagger and maybe the eviscerator).

I suggest that if crucian roulette was to be fixed, it should be replaced by something that fullfills the same purpose: a zealot exclusive item (a book or what ever) for the ranged weapon slot, that does absolutely nothing, except apply buffs to what ever melee weapon you bring.
Basically “you bring no ranged weapon, so you get this melee crit buff instead”.
This would increase build diversity for zealots and effectively allow for a fully commited melee zealot with a variety of viable melee weapons.


So. I’m working a build here with roulette and a force sword with blazing spirit. 50%+ crit chance with throwing out 2-4 stacks of soul blaze every time it crits seems like it might be interesting. I play a melee oriented psyker usually, so I’m intrigued with how this could perform.

I just the auto gun for this build:

Want to try it out soon.

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