Dialog lines to rare or always interrupted with "HEALING DROUGHT!"

It is a big and important part of the game, because dialogs explains story and tells about characters, now they are gone. I can remember a few times that characters start interesting conversation but then stops 'cause of some elite enemy. In first game we had console commands that force characters to talk, do we have something like that now?

We have a mod in the Workshop that gives you the ability to play specific lines - and also helps prevent these issues. Keyword is mod here though.

VT1 had the same problem :frowning:

Interesting character banter and dialogue would get interrupted by inane comments about the game.

“Kruber, I’m curious, why did you– ammo over here! Ammo! Hey everybody, there’s ammo over here!”

At the very least, interrupted conversation should pick back up. I’d prefer an option to specify that dialogue is never interrupted or overwritten by item related call-outs, and that it is interrupted but resumed by enemy related call-outs.

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It’s even worse in v2 thanks to ult voicelines interrupting things.

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Ult Voicelines are more annoying then that cough “Scottisch Accent” which Kerillian thinks to be capable of to speak.

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