Those cut down dialogues

I’ve been unable to hear new dialogues in the last week because they would always get cut down by ultimates, or enemies/items being spotted by someone.
I would suggest that conversations between caracters should have a higher priority on most of those.
We don’t need to hear “Isha” or any ultimate line one extra time, we can make do without an item or a utility line (as tag and sight should suffice).
I get that having dialogues over enemy warnings may be controversial, and as such it’s the only type i could see overriding dialogues, but maybe something could be done there as well, like some algorithm computing the overall threath of a situation (iirc there’s something along those lines already, for bot behaviours) overriding dialogues in case of particularly nasty threaths.

Similarly, I see no reasons why keep banter shoud be muted while looking at a screen (character selection, inventory crafting and the like). I hope this could be changed as well


They should just pause and resume once the danger is over.

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That too. But ulti lines? Not even that.

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I would be pleasantly surprised should they rectify this.

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