Make ultimate VO have lower priority than dialogue

It’s been suggested in the past, but I think it’s time to make the suggestion again.
Especially now we have heard those same lines over and over again, it’s frustrating to find a new bit of dialogue in the game (those are always a joy) cut out by the 10000th “Isha” shout.
I wouldn’t ask to remove ultimate shouts entirely, but they add so little that they should definitely be of lower priority than any kind of dialogue, be it banter or mission related.


It’d also be great to get some sort of toggle or something to turn off the “helpful” voice lines spam.

I do I need to be told to hit things in the head. I do not need to hear about where stairs are, or what direction they go in, ever again.

The stuff I want to hear is the characters interacting with each other. Not advice for newbies that I was sick to death of hearing after hour 50, much less hour 1500.

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