Destiny Like Radar for Vermintide to not get surrounded too fast


Not a good idea, I think.

There’s already a lot of stuff on the screen, and a radar-type thing would clutter it more. It doesn’t fit the setting (or the feel of the game) at all (and besides the handwave of “magic” it’s hard to find a lore-friendly explanation for it). And possibly most importantly, spatial awareness is a huge part of your skills in this game, and it’s up to experience to learn to keep an eye on your surroundings and enemies, including potential spawn locations.


Good headphones. Use them.


getting surrounded is part of the fun, its called vermintide for a reason

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This does not fit anywhere in the lore neither does the function really support any gameplay mechanics that would improve the game. Spatial awareness is a key driver of being good or bad at this game and as such simply just looking behind often and paying attention to audio cues is supposed to matter. I don’t think any hardcore players need or want an enemy radar. This isn’t a game that it makes sense to have one.


I Guess everyone is right , no need for that

Rather than just saying “no that’s bad”, try to think about where these kinds of suggestions come from.

It takes time to learn how to not get surrounded and while you’re learning it feels like it can be impossible to stop. Even players with hundreds of hours under their belts get surrounded sometimes.

@anon94217107, if you don’t do this already, try to listen for a kind of wind-up whoosh noise. That noise goes off every time there’s an enemy outside your field of view (such as one that’s behind you) that’s winding up to hit you. When that noise plays you either need to block or dodge immediately. As @arknox said, a good set of surround headphones works wonders in this game because this game does sound localization really, really well.

A proper tutorial would be a way to help people get a feel for this stuff.


Aye, the wind up noise is really important. If it’s just horde mobs behind me, I know I can effectively turn my back on them and kill the SV or CW in front without worrying about being hit.

Playing with a much higher sensitivity also helps. You can get use to 180 quick turns to throw in a block push and snap back to fighting.

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I associate that Radar more with Alien vs. Predator. Ah, the Lan parties.
That said, nah. Maybe as a special ability for a coming career, finding hidden specials and what not.

That’d be particularly fitting for an Astromancer, who have precognitive magic. :smiley:

I recall when playing VT1, I wanted something like this solely to keep track of team mates. Mostly I was just annoyed at how often I’d be holding the line and my QP team mates all run off in different directions, leaving me open to getting back-stabbed, lol.


maybe for witch hunter captain exclusive? his animal-like extinct could do that job i assume.

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Having a lot of map knowledge also helps, you will know the best spots where they can’t spawn in your back and you can just dodge dance in that spot until a horde is over. Also blocking and confirming your surroundings can be very helpfull, you block 360 degrees anyways.

I actually love getting shanked in the back by a rat. It tells me I made a mistake, I didn’t check correctly or I’m to blindly focused on the front, my position is horrible etc.

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