Add More Audio Queues for Specials

In Vermintide 2, you can distinguish almost every single enemy in the game just by audio, and I think this game needs to take that practice from its predecessor. Here are a few things I noticed:

Sniper: No audio queue on spawn, only a noise 1 second before firing and a red line in the middle of a horde to go off of. How about a global callout where they say “I’m in position.” or “Target in my sights.” but you can’t tell what direction it’s from. That would make you more aware of their presence.

Gunner: I tend to spot them before others thanks to their unique silhouette, but even so, they’re tough to spot when a horde comes in. How about a reload sound, or a bit of clanking with all the ammo and stuff they seem to be lugging around?

Squadron: No sound queue for when there’s a group around the corner. They may be low health, but they’ve got guns, and can chip you down rapidly. Maybe just have a bit of “chatter” as they stand/walk about.

Let me know if anyone else has other suggestions, or if I missed something (as I’m sure I have). This was originally a topic in General Discussion, but I figured I would make a new one in feedback as it’s…feedback.

Take care!

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I agree. Also need more visibility of elites. Also need proper directional and vertical sound. Not being able to tell where something is because the directional/positional sound just doesn’t work does not feel good. The problem is especially apparent with any vertical terrain where you can’t tell if something is above or below. That needs to be fixed for the audio to work as any kind of indicator of enemy location and type.

Yeah, there’s been a few occasions where I cant tell where a Mutant or Hound are coming from, and it makes it a bit frustrating when they pop out from around a corner.