Destiny Did It Better

aside from combat and art direction, Destiny did it better.

in Destiny menu and mission select is far superior. you can pick the exact activity or playlist direct from the start screen, called the “Director”. you can access it anywhere anytime with just a press of a button and jump into a different activity. we need a similar start menu for darktide too.

give us the ability to choose a certain mission and change difficulty and modifiers if we want. its our free time, why remove agency from us on how to spend it.

the loot game is so far ahead in destiny. every mission or activity rewards your time, either directly with items or indirectly with tokens and engram progress. there is never a feeling that you wasted time without moving forward and you can purchase the exact item you want relatively quickly.

feeling you wasted time happens often in darktide after lvl 30 with the xp and money you gain being worthless unless you get lucky in the rolling hourly shop or the completely random emperors gifts. you can play an afternoon without feeling you got more powerful as the items you were looking for didn’t show up. why not let us buy the items we want when we want if we have the resources to do so?

weapon customization is nonexistent. perks and blessings are preset without giving you options like in destiny, removing player control and customization. they also are overly niche and vary widely in power making the problem worse. pure rng with no power for the player to influence the result.

lack of scopes is one example, in destiny each gun rolled multiple scopes you can choose from red dots to sniper scopes, in darktide your stuck with iron sights in every weapon except 1. in destiny you can choose if you want more damage against against shields, bouncing bullets or extra stagger, in darktide you are stuck with carapace damage on your lasgun. in destiny you can decide if you want dragonfly, rampage or multi-kill clip, in darktide you get 6% reload right after sliding. its so bad.

in destiny currency is shared and you can send items to a shared storage, in darktide its per character.

destiny cosmetics are far ahead. the shader system blows anything darktide has out of the water. instead of purchasing individual preset colors for each individual weapon we can change the color and texture of everything we own at will. the extremely limited rotating and per item limit shows how backwards and anti player the current customization is.

in destiny just apply the shader you want to the item of your choice and you have something few other players have. cosmetics are widely avaible through both gameplay and store and do not have a rotating daily refresh, you buy it when you want. what’s currently available is also very underwhelming.

in destiny maybe 1 in a million will look like my character due to drastically different shaders and wide variety of models on every piece of equipment. in darktide mine is 1 of millions.

skills/customization for classes was done better as well, helping make your character feel more unique. in darktide there are so few options, and some of those options are bad or don’t work.

story telling is a joke, only matched by destiny 1 “I don’t even have enough time to explain why i don’t have time to explain”. it is so bad it feels like the current cutscenes are hastily made filler. no way this is what writers intended. in mission dialogue is the only saving grace.

I’m playing Darktide currently for the atmosphere and the 40k world brought to life in the moment to moment gameplay. everything else surrounding this not only adds nothing to the experience, it actively detracts from it. every time I feel the urge to level up a new character I remember the shop and cosmetics, the looting system, the cutscenes and the fact that currency and items aren’t shared and i just lose interest. you made the progression/item systems terrible and its killing the fun.

destiny didn’t launch with good systems, they learned and fixed their mistakes. I hope darktide follows the same path and improves.

destiny devs after meeting with diablo devs:
“They basically came in and said, ‘Look, here’s our story of developing Diablo III and then bringing in [the expansion] Reaper of Souls,’” said one person who was at the Blizzard talk. “They were saying, like, ‘Hey, random numbers are not fun—dice rolls are not fun. You can give the illusion of randomness, but you want to weight it towards the player… The only point you have to deliver on is that when people leave your game—because they will—when they leave your game, they need to be happy.’”

“In previous interviews with Kotaku and other sites, director Luke Smith has talked openly about avoiding randomness and designing quests with guaranteed rewards, an approach that has served Destiny well throughout year two so far”

Diablo 3 dev on loot 2.0


Todd Howard. Yeah right. You know what’s coming. You can’t post Todd Howard and not expect what’s coming.

It’s almost like in Destiny, you play a hero and here you are nobody special. Mhh.
That said, when Destiny launched it barely had any cosmetic content, either. I distinctly remember Angry Joe screaming “ALL WEAPONS LOOK AND PERFORM THE SAME” into his microphone.
Give it time, Darktide will also have more content like that later and then you will look more unique.

You swap guns more quickly, too. The entire inventory system comes from a completely different thought.

Why do you even compare these two games? They’re nothing alike.

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Destiny makes a lot of things right, for sure, then they also have stull like pinnacle grind and locking you out of GM every three months, which made me ragequit the game swearing never to return to that idiotic soul burning franchise ever again.
It’s like the whole game is set up to burn you out. Every single event is there to grab your cash AND burn you out.
You can’t play anything but Destiny, or you’ll be so far behind everyone else it’s impossible to get ahead.

Leveling, light levels and power is the worst in both Destiny and the Tide games. Playable difficulty should depend on skill, not RNG and grinding.


they tried to copy DRG, but in a worse way.

DRG mission selection refreshes on a fixed interval.
mission type and modifiers are fixed.
but difficulty is custom.

also you can reserve a mission, for example the refresh is happening in 30seconds, you waiting for your friends to hope in, select the mission and wait, even if the refreshes ends, the mission wont be taken away from you.

here everything is fixed, mission time is ending and still friends didnt join , its your problem.

attacking the messenger instead of the message. also throwing rocks from glass houses, Todd isn’t the only person who lied about features before release. that doesn’t mean rng as a progression mechanic doesn’t feels awful for players or the lack of an easily accessible mission select is acceptable.

I agree that destiny released in an abysmal state, I mentioned it in my post. it did not respect your time or effort, you would be stuck at certain lvls for weeks or months at a time such as “forever 29”. I regret spending as much time as I did with it at launch. all it had was great gameplay and atmosphere, everything else was either non-existent such as the story or an rng hell such as the loot system. reminds you of a recently released game with those mistakes.

the games are comparable since destiny and diablo had awful rng based loot systems at launch. then they got better as they learned from their mistakes. darktide should take lessons from games that did those systems better as well as solve anti-player mechanics is the main point of this post.

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I’m mostly speaking from my experience with the “Taken King” and “Rise of Iron” expansions. I initially left extremely disappointed with how openly the game disrespected your time and effort with the rng progression and absurdly tanky bosses. some of those bosses like the psionic triplets would take more time to kill than an entire darktide mission without cheesing or certain exotics.

never felt that I had to play all the time with the “Rise of Iron” expansion, the story was great, it rewarded you generously for your time and effort and made the leveling/grind both engaging and on your terms. I even joined a clan due to how much fun I was having, eventually collecting all the exotics and beating every raid. when I left the game I felt it was worth my time.

destiny 2 I left after beating the raid on release, came back for the forsaken expansion and left after beating its raid as well. I thought forsaken was great, maybe just nostalgia of my brief time with it.

Destiny has scoreboards

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