Desktop Taskbar Popping Up And Locking Upon Launching or While Playing In Game

Been enjoying the game for roughly 20 hours so far on Steam and other than the occassional CTD , a new issue emerged for me tonight. When I launch the game the desktop task bar will pop up and lock itself in place. Sometimes it will appear on launch up, other times it will randomly show up. I play on Fullscreen and this issue only started occuring right after I began messing with RTX settings. I have reset all my settings to what they were during the majority of my playtime, I’ve reinstalled the game, verified integrity of game files but this issue keeps happening. I have already reviewed my settings for my desktop bar and this issue does not occur on any other of my games on Steam. I can make the desktop bar disappear when I change one of the RTX settings but the issue resurfaces minutes later. Changing the resolution or screen size automatically crashes the game for me as well.

Hi @MrHickey,

This is quite strange - does this issue occur at any other times? or during other games?