Resolution settings N/A, fullscreen launches with taskbar

EDIT: For anyone else who runs into this problem, the issue seems to be fixed by running AMD cleanup utility to fully uninstall drivers and then re-installing.

Issue Description:
Game began launching with task bar still visible as of 2 days ago. Taskbar goes away after toggling to borderless then back to fullscreen. alt+enter or F11 have no effect.

Resolution setting only displays “N/A” and can no longer be changed.

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Happens every time on launch.

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
02/05/2023, 6:00pm EST
Reproduction Rate:

  • Constant (100%)

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console-2023-02-06-02.29.33-ae5507a1-27b1-472a-851e-b6349e176c2a.log (389.5 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (823.3 KB)

Thank you for the update! I was under the impression this would be AppData-related but I was very wrong there. :slight_smile: