Depressed chacter

I made a character and he sounds depressed all the time, it feels like he whats to kill himself… ye i don’t really like that. What is the best background to pick so he/ she would sound more cheerful and happy, so i could actually enjoy playing character i made ?

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I’m not sure. I did notice that fiddling around with starter world and backgrounds did result in different voice lines for the characters - could be self-bias. Try a new character. Modify their origins. See if that does anything. I do agree that you should be able to create a character that closely matches your preferences.

In Vermintide. You at least had Dwarf which was super cheerful, would sing songs, and wasn’t depressed. Witch was also the same. Shame you can’t create a personality similar to those.

Imagine instead of singing in happiness Bardin would wine how weak and frail humans are because you picked wrong mountain he was born in.

Ill just have wait till wiki is made witch will really explain how do backgrounds impact character interactions. Hey, maybe Ogryn can sing too.

@EGGxKing Yea this is tough, I made a psyker who is frustrating to listen to for different reasons.

My Best answer is we have to wait and see when the Barber Shop is updated. It’s in the hub behind the Weapons vendor. Hopefully this location will allow you to modify your voice box. I don’t see why not.

  1. This will come with time played, you will have to listen to other classes that interest you…
  2. Also, what class and options did you even pick?
  3. Cheerful and Happy are hard characteristics to come by in the 40k universe.

To be fair, The psyker voices are all not fun to listen to. You either get crazy high pitched white guy, nigerian prince or crazy german scientist.

Loose cannon for veteran, crazy german psyker, the Judge for zealot, and the Bodyguard for Ogryn are IMO the characters with the least doom and gloom in their VO! Hope this helps.

We can both agree it is more fun to listen to someone who makes jokes than mocking everyone who helps him.
I picked world - Branx, childhood - hive urchin, growing up - outcast and defining moment - psychic awakening with loner personality. Regret that.
Haven’t read much of 40k lore. It looks like guys with giant armors are killing daemons, looks like they are having time of their lives.

Welcome to the 40k franchise! In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.
This doom and gloom is part of the universe, but dialed up to 11 (or 40?), to the point of becoming a caricature of itself - give it some time, you’ll learn to like it :wink: