Please let us change voices/backstory

Listen devs, i do not know why this is not a thing, but please let us somehow switch our voices.
The commitment on making a new character is far to huge and it would be incredible to, for whatever ingame currency deemed appropriate, to be able to switch the voice of a character if it turns out non satisfactory, please it is a small but passionate request as someone who wishes to roleplay, same with the backstory, yes i understand you might see it as a big part, but not everyone can sink hours into a new character!


Adding my support to it. Found out early that I chose the same voice as one of my regular co-op partners, which can make it difficult to tell who’s talking without running subtitles at all times.

I get the request. I realized like 21 levels in that I chose the wrong voice compared to the one I adored in the Closed Beta (I was certain “The Loner” was the crazy Psyker, but it turned out to be the other). I also understand that being able to switch your backstory on the fly would be immersion breaking – you gotta commit to your character in order to really enjoy them.

Personally, I think I’ll just take the hit and reroll my Psyker just so I can pick the voice I actually wanted to pick initially. My mistake.

This absolutely needs to happen. I picked on my Veteran (female) the “Professional” voice set because I thought it would be most non-nonsense type voice, turns out she’s an insufferable toxic teenager towards some of the squad members.

I understand in the lore there are a lot of mistrust and even hatred towards the Psykers, but if you’re going to create a voice set called “Professional” then don’t make her sound like an unprofessional toxic teenager. If she’s a professional she should keep her personal attacks towards a squad member to herself while on duty. < This is what I expected from “Professional” voice.

This is actually triggering me and I don’t want to re-create the entire character due to misleading character creation process, losing all my gear, currencies, and some of the harder penancies I managed already to do, also I do not know how insufferable the other two voice sets might be, so we should be able to switch between them to find out the right fit that suits us. Please, this will only become worse over time.

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Adding my voice (heh) to this as well. I didn’t think that choosing the “wrong” voice would be a big deal (I was fine running every character in Vermintide, so how bad could it be?) But I’ve found I’ve essentially abandoned my Pskyer character - and not because I didn’t like the class - because I was starting to feel really uncomfortable with the personality I chose.

I loved playing Kerillian, who was a massive … jerk, let’s be honest. But, for some reason, getting to choose the personality - and getting it “wrong” - feels worse than playing a pre-defined character with clear flaws.

Given the limited number of character slots - so you can’t really experiment with all the voices, unless you’re comfortable deleting characters. Plus the time commitment to level of character - making it much more likely that, if you realize you don’t like your choice, you’ll be much more likely to stop playing than to try again. Could we please have the option to change everything about our character at the in-game character re-customization area?


I don’t understand why this isn’t a barber shop option, after you forced it in instead of other content. If it was, I’d actually enjoy the barber shop being in the game. The only thing I want to change is my character’s voice because there’s not many cosmetic options right now for anything else. You can’t tell what a voice is like just from hearing a paragraph read out to you. I had to play my character, and invest time into it to see what voice lines I like to hear from them. Which in VT2 wasn’t a big deal since there were other characters if you didn’t like one. But here when you force progression to stay on one character, it hurts a lot more.

I understand that there are technical limitations at this time, but letting us change body type, background, height, and voice style are crucial customization options.
Height is especially desirable, as it has a direct impact on gameplay that often won’t be realized until one is beginning to familiarize themselves with the maps.

I agree actually. I went for a gruff old man farmer sound and it’s just too gravelly and guttural for me, would love to be able to change it in the barber shop (Which, let’s face it, doing work on someone’s vocal cords is probably the least invasive procedure the Imperium would have access to). And i also agree with the “Whatever currency deemed appropriate” comment from OP, it’d be nice just to have it as an option in general, regardless of the reasoning.

Side note, changing backstory would also be nice, but I have yet to even find it in game after seeing it for the first time. Am I missing something?

Yeah, I’d like to change my toon’s voice too.

i want to be able to change my name

+1. Want this bad.

Yes, i hear my psycher tlak about protocols one more time im suiciding

I agree with OP. Or let us at least turn off character bantering. It’s getting on my nerves hearing the Veteran & Zealot calling the Psyker a witch & freak every 3-5 min.

Kerillian is an asshat but at the same time she has normal friendly conversations with the others in the group, even conversations where she cares for others. She is also a written character with a story that you get to know over all the games you play. So you can understand why she’s like she is.

In Darktide they are just nameless people with a loose backstory. That’s sadly the big payoff with creating your own characters. With that said I think it was the right move so people can play whatever they want.

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this as well as the Name, and Height,
if its a worry people will be Toxic and just change their name and get away with it give it a cost of 10k credits. such as people who arnt going to abuse it will likely do it only once or once in a wail.


To be fair, that’s 100% true to 40k. That IS the characters being polite. Hell, the crazy German accented Psyker voice? Like 60-70% of the things coming out of his mouth are so heretical that in any other 40k property the rest of the strike team would have shot him in the head before he finished saying them.

Absolutely 100%. Also, with how many options there are, 5 slots is way too low! I like to roleplay a character, and to have a cadian and a more “standard” sounding guardsman is great, but I want to play them both. As well as with the zealot. There’s a standard whiny zealot, but then you have what sounds like an irish priest! I want to have at least one of each class, but now I only have 1 slot, and I have to choose between all the voices I didn’t pick, and there’s more than just those 2 that I like a lot.

In Darktide they are just nameless people with a loose backstory. That’s sadly the big payoff with creating your own characters. With that said I think it was the right move so people can play whatever they want.

Well, those “nameless people with a loose backstory” should actually become really fledged out characters, according to earlier PR talk from Fatshark. I’m expecting to learn a lot more from my character, depending on the backstory I chose. A close friend of mine and I are cautiously certain that Fatshark just hasn’t enabled full banter yet, which is why we keep hearing the same lines and no real in-depth convos. The closest deep conversation I heard was about some bet my veteran had with the pilot. If this isn’t due to BETA, I’m very disappointed – damn near close to shocked.

I 've heard more conversations around backstories between max level character but nothing that caught my interest yet.

Me neither. And please let that be Fatshark holding the faucet as good as closed for us beta testers, because if this is the level of banter we get… the disappointment would almost materialize into a punch in the teeth.

I mostly care about name changes. I am one of the unfortunate few Ogryns not named Gronk or Ugg and I need this.