Kindly requesting the possibility to change gender on my Psyker

We all make mistakes, and I regret choosing female over male. Would it be suitable to have my gender changed from female to male? Many thanks for the trouble. I would create a new character, but invested too much on this one, hope you understand.

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some voice lines are getting annoying… “For the Emperor… I’m sure” on both male and female… I now want to try the other voices but like OP dont want to use another slot to achieve this…

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So, even when asking politely, no one cares to acknowledge.

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it kinda does suck not being able to change my character’s voice…I’ve asked and my answer was the same; they can only change names & nothing else

Alright, thank you

If they let people change their gender, height, voice and place of origin willy-nilly it would fundamentally impact on the characters back story and , erm, uh, you know - things. Stuff. Things they implemented in the backend when you made those character creation choices. Like the planet you came from. And your eye colour because of that. And whether you were guilty of sedition or not.

'Cos then … erm…

Yeah. Can’t think of a reason why that’s not possible either. Other than “CBA designing a small process to do that”. You’d think maybe (maybe) there’s a database somewhere where it has your avatar ID and gender in an adjacent field that could just be flipped. Maybe that’s naive.


Well, all I can think of is poor product and game development, as most games allow such feature without trouble. But regardless, I am grateful and I appreciate the response I got.

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apparently it isn’t lore accurate

I simply wanted to go from female to male Psyker … not much room for lore there ^^ Just a mistake, as I have spent a lot of money on skins, as I love them.

Cold comfort, but skins are account-wide and can be used if you roll another pskyer.

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I don’t regret it but I feel that female characters are not well represented.
We miss boobs…

And cause of this, I would like an option to change gender and also names.

And I would like that they create female characters that look… female?

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I know my friend, I understand of course, although this would be a “quality of life” service. They allow you to change tattoos, hair, faces, gender would not hurt.

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Cold comfort is zero comfort when you realize items are not account wide and save for penances you’re bringing nothing over

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At least wallets are shared now! :melting_face:


I’ll say the most you can do in this situation is ask technical support to make the new psyker lvl30 so you don’t have to do the beginning grind but the down side is that you’re gonna have to roll all those weapons again on that abhorrent “crafting” system we’ve got.

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Oh, I didn’t know would/could they do that!

Yup and I still wonder if they actually can transfer very specific items over from one operative to another since they do talk about item visibility and restoring.

If so then I think that could be a temporary way around the gender & personality locking

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Woah! Good to know! Thanks!

They did not offer me such option, just that the gender switch is not an option