Demolition Team talent nerfed to 5% while it still only triggers on Elite Kills? Fatshark, please

DEMOLITION TEAM TALENT before new patch said 8% chance to get grenade on ENEMY KILL. However it was tested in Meat Grinder that it actually only triggers on ELITE KILL, not enemy kill. So with 8% chance it was useless talent. Today new patch nerfed to to 5% (UI updated) but still says Enemy Kill (UI correct/incorrect?) but it still only triggers on Elite Kills. So now useless talent is even more useless becasue you either didn’t fix UI or you nerfed even more while it was worthless before.

I already posted it in bugs.


Thanks, as an inveterate grenade spammer I noticed in closed beta it never seemed to trigger

The effect as stated was already barely good enough to consider on Malice-Heresy, a further nerf makes it even less useful. And it does nothing to help Psykers, the Veteran’s direct companion in ranged combat.

Frag Grenades are a useful way to ‘trigger’ ranged squads and stagger armor/mixed hordes, and little else. The ability to reliably resupply teammates with stun grenades and boxes drastically increased their otherwise extremely limited utility.

The effect should be as stated, 8% on any kill by yourself and teammates in coherency.

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AND they increased pop from stockpile from 45s to 60s.

Yeah. Doesn’t feel good.


Yes, we nerfed down on the free grenade feats a bit in order to keep grenade within the “scarce resource” area of balance. The intent was to still provide some extra grenades during a mission but keep the grenade pickups relevant.

The talent should get some updated texts shortly that should state clearly that there is a 5% chance for you and all allies in coherency to gain a grenade whenever you or any ally in coherency kill an elite.

Thank you for the feedback! We will keep track of how the trait fairs and balance accordingly, either increasing the chance for grenade gain or simply spawning more elites to increase your odds.

Do you realize that it doesn’t make any sense? This is dead talent. Nobody will use it. How you expect Greande every 20 elite kills to be a viable talent to take.

If you want “scarce resource” area of balance for grenades - fine but then rework this talent to be something usefull.

I can’t believe you make so worthless talents. How do you expect builds to be diveresifed or talents to be competetive when you make useless talents? You think ONE GRENADE is so powerful that getting it per 20 kills has anythnig to do with “balance”? Also to get 20 elite kills for 1 grenade to even “feel the effect” you need to play AT LEAST on Difficulty 3. Then maybe you will see 2 grenades. Those are not V2 level of bomb-power to say it can do anything to balance.

So you make talent is that absolutely useless on lower difficulties too for casual players becasue they will maybe see 1 proc of per match. And ONE GRENADE makes difference on Diff 4-5? Come on.

Please tell me how you expect a level 15 talent that works every ~20 kills to be attractive option when it comes to benig viable tool or feeling of meaningful progression.

You should really rethink how you create your talents. Scare rescoure… Then give us talent is useful instead! We can do fine without your precious 1 per 20 kills grenade that would make game so unbalanced.

I can’t even… You make filler talents to rush out classes and you justify it like that? Wow.


Nerfing pretty weak feat wise class even weaker nice

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Early on, you guys talked about how you took away the ‘classes’ Vermintide 2 had because you wanted to make each character archetype unique and have a broad range of playstyles. Even in the trailer it says “play how you want”

As a piece of feedback, doing stuff like this is contrary to that. I think a crazy grenade build could be super cool and definitely be very different from a Veteran that specs in melee or ranged.

Yet…here we are. Nerfing very unique talents like this shoehorn everything back into 1 viable class and the rest being useless and never used. Decisions like this is going to severely make the 4 starting class of Darktide feel extremely weak compared to the 15 starting in VT2. Just my two cents.

You also took away 75% bonus ammo, nerfed sniper to 20% from 25%, and gave us terrible sway and uncentered sights. : (

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