Demolition Team talent is still bugged/UI incorrect and you nerfed it Fatshark without fixing it in new patch.... Seriously?

**Issue Description: DEMOLITION TEAM TALENT before new patch said 8% chance to get grenade on ENEMY KILL. However it was tested in Meat Grinder that it actually only triggers on ELITE KILL, not enemy kill. So with 8% chance it was useless talent. Today new patch nerfed to to 5% (UI updated) but still says Enemy Kill (UI correct/incorrect?) but it still only triggers on Elite Kills. So now useless talent is even more useless becasue you either didn’t fix UI or you nerfed even more while it was worthless before.

Steps to Reproduce: Go to Meat Grinder, chose Demolition Talent, throw some nades, start to kill enemies. The grenade gets back only on Elite Kills, not only any kill.

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