Deflector Blessing does not block bullets while reviving after 1.0.22 anymore

Issue Description: Deflector Blessing does not block bullets while reviving after patch

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play as Pysker with a Force Sword with the Deflector Blessing
  2. Try to revive a teammate using Force Sword and while blocking while being under gunfire
  3. Notice that you are no longer blocking bullets
  4. Die in confusion


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
after patch 1.0.22 on Jan 25 2023

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:


Ogryn can’t block ranged with slab shield equipped either, is that a bug too?

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No unfortunately, devs said it’s not a bug (CM Aqshy asked them and they confirmed that It’s their choice, for now). But the community is frustrated so maybe things will change

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If it’s not a bug, why it’s marked acknowledged then? Should it be marked “not a bug”?

Miscommunication! I misunderstood the answer when asking devs about this yesterday. This is indeed meant to be a nerf to both Deflector and the Slab shield.

It’s getting exhausting being hit with nerfs when psyker is already in need of love. The trauma staff buff was nice, but it was clear the peril cost was way overtuned and should have been an easy fix a month ago.

Hi, this was very unnecessary nerf, please revert :frowning:

So now ranged mobs are now infinitely more powerful. Ogryn will have little to now say to deal with scattered mobs. I am usually understanding but this is jank as all get out.

Being able to revive at pretty much everytime made this trait highly superior.

You can still use the shield or trait to push, kill the enemies and then revive. Or you just stay in front of your downed mate and someone else revives.

It´s in a better spot yet gameplay-wise.

I dont think the slab shield blocked bullets while reviving to begin with

They meant to nerf Deflector? Ouch. Just… Wow…

If it was an intentional change then why didn’t it make it into the patch notes? If they’re going to nerf the already weakest class they could at least be up front about it.


The slab shield got this nerf before they fixed the giant carapace nerf it got accidentally with the Signal Update? Or let it do Maniac damage. Seriously it takes longer to kill one of these on malice than a plague ogryn.

Slab shield users give up everything for increased defense – it’s not like the slab shield has any appreciable offense outside of stagger. Further reducing its defense utility feels like giving Ogryns absolutely no reason to ever pick it.


Please send a message to devs that Psyker players are sick and tired being nerfed. And to the marketing department that player will not buy cash cosmetics for class that just keep being nerfed.
Thank you in advance!


At this point you are nerfing the game out of existence. The player counts are already down the gutters and you can find nothing better to reward ones who stay besides nerfing psykers again and again? I’m sorry but there is a line where it becomes too ridiculous to continue. I won’t be buying any cosmetics for a class that gets no decent treatment. You took away BB’s damage potential, then KD’s survivability, and now even rezzing ability. I am too tired of being the joke end of the balance discussion with nothing to look forward to. You can already imagine what the less diplomatic of us are already saying.

instead of making psyker feel better, have less clunky annoying mechanics or buffing half of the psyker feats, that suck, you guys nerf them more? guessing next patch just removes psyker from the game

Please just STOP NERFING PSYKERS. Even if its bug “fixes”. We have numerous feats that are straight up useless, and are already the squishiest class. Just let use have some gimmicks until you at least give us a buff.


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Wake up babe it’s time for the monthly Psyker nerf

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As Psyker Player i insist that this is a bug, change the status to acknowledged back please. This changed need to be rolled back and never touched again. Dev team are horribly wrong with this change.
Even if existence of this feature that you took away was a mistake - it created really cool and unique class feature. It deserves to stay as it was, Psyker class deserves significant improvement, and Fatshark yet to deserve OUR MONEY.