Deed Glitch exploit V2

I was wondering, about the deed glitch in Vermintide 2 that allows a player to customize difficulty and maps selection of deeds. I know it used to be against the EULA, however because it has been “re-added” in 2.2.1, I was wondering if it is still against the EULA to do this? I think most people here are aware of this.

I was also wondering, if downgrading deeds was allowed too? It does not make sense to me (I don’t indent to do this) but I was still wondering if downgrading for example a legend deed to recruit was allowed.

What I am asking basically, is whether or not the deed exploit is still against the EULA, or whether or not players are actually allowed to use this exploit.


Since they added it back into the game intentionally I doubt anyone’s going to send the Witch Hunters after you for using it.


No one expects the Sigmarite inquisition!


Nothing against the EULA there, as the glitch does not involve modifying files in any way. I just read the EULA and there’s nothing against in-game exploits.


I’m gonna second Froh here.

The exploit never was against the EULA because you didn’t use third party tools, or modify game files to achieve it. It was abuse of the way the ingame code works.