Debunked news lol

so, i was playing quickplay with my friend a few days ago and this random angry dood joins in and just started raging about stuff that no one in the group knew what he was talking about.

supposedly, according to him, that fatshark is planning on bringing battle royale game mode to v2 sometime next year saying they are jumping on the bandwagon for a cash grab.

and, also, supposedly adding separate cash shops for the pve co-op, pvp mode, weaves, and this alleged battle royale game mode.

i asked him where he got this information and said from a dev but then left game immediately after saying that. idk if this guy was off his meds or what but now i’m afraid that v2 is going to turn into some sort of annoying fortnite crap.

if this is true, i’m not staying. theres a reason why i dont play games like fortnite or pubg because they are garbage and filled with little angry psychopathic kids.

for the love of everything that is holy in this world, please tell me this game is not turning into fortnite.

i like this game the way it is right now. no battle royale please.

EDIT: fatshark hedge says no plans for battle royale :smiley: read below for comment!

Did he mention my mom by any chance? Maybe I should be alarmed too :wink:


nah, this dood was just super angry for no reason. as soon as he joined in, just starting shouting in voice chat about how fatshark is ruining the game with battle royale. i was like wut battle royale? idk what he was on or if its even true. he sounded deranged tbh but it did scare me cuz i dont like fortnite or other battle royale games.

My advice, be cautious about what randos shout in voice chat :sunny: Rattle Royale isn’t something we’re working on.


omg thank you! i was so terrified! the guy did sound super crazy though. i just had to come here and ask just in case because idk if you ever played fortnite but its awful lol

I’ve seen zero info regarding a battle royale mode and how would that even work with V2? :joy:

As far as I know, there is no plan for a cash shop either? Someone correct me if I’m wrong? From what I understand they will have an in game cosmetic store with in game currency and a few cosmetics available to buy via the steam store to support the game and let them put out free DLCs. When people say “cash shop”, I think of MMO type cash shops like League of Legends, paying for 2x exp or simply allowing you to bypass in game currencies to buy what you want outright.

I quite like the format, personally, but it’s not on the cards for Vermintide.


i mean thats what i told him but he claimed to have direct information from a dev he would not mention and i thought it was pretty sketch but wasnt 100% sure.

well ive tried playing fortnite but i hated it. i dont even understand how it would even work in v2 but it did worry me for a few days so i thought i’d come here to ask. thank you for relieving the pressure! i like the game how it is and i am super excited about versus coming because its pvpve and gambit was my favorite game mode in destiny even tho i hate the rest of destiny lol

Well, at least he didn’t kill you for playing the elf and throw your grim away before he quit. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting folks on the Internet.


that reminds me, i had a slayer join my game on friday night and i was gonna pick up the grim on legend against the grain, but i wanted to heal first and grab the tome. i only had 8 hp at the time because 2 people joined in at the boss fight and it caused boss to insta aggro me and almost kill me.

well this slayer just stopped moving while i was making the jump to the tome, and then proceeds to throw grim and leave. LOL i was like i guess he thought i wasnt going to get 2nd grim? he didnt even ask what i was doing or what he wanted, just threw grim and left. i did report his steam profile for griefing but idk if that even did anything. well he lost out on loots cuz we won the game <3

edit: my friend and i still got the emp vault lolol so slayer trolled for nothing :smiley:

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Putting fake news by randoms on voice chat aside, one has to wonder what Fatshark has planned that hasn’t been announced yet.

Also, it’s december now, we could really use some news about season 2, the Drachenfels maps, WoM on console etc.

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I choose to believe its a skink captured in the depths of castle drachenfels. While the U5 may be reluctant to accept the odd one’s help, its knowledge of the the evil at work within may prove vital to stopping the forces of chaos.

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You mean Catrine is actually Geneviève Dieudonné and she’s taking us to Castle Drachenfels where the dwarf dies and my waifu takes up his spot in the Uber 5. :wink:

I’ll move this to general chat now lol

Then we will take another kruber :smiley:

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A) Badin cant die until Fatshark releases the song album
B) If Bardin dies it will only lead to the unimaginable vengeance wrought by Okri.

I’m still chuckling about @Fatshark_Hedge putting Rattle Royale.


Sounds like you just ran into an unusually creative troll/griefer, or someone who read (or more likely, heard) a couple of words about Versus and Lohner’s Emporium (particularly including the cash part for a couple of skins) and immediately jumped to conclusions. Maybe even one whose friend (or “friend”) did the latter, and they’re effectively just fanning the flames.

Pretty much every time the source for a piece of news is “a dev” or “an insider” of any sort, without anything more to identify them, it’s false or at least baseless. There may rarely be genuine leaks, but I wouldn’t put much credence on those either - even if they’re true at the moment of leaking, everything not officially announced is highly likely to change (and many official things too).


Ok but this name is too golden an opportunity to pass up. Write it down for an April Fools, it’s going to be glorious.


I’m NGL, it’s been on the whiteboard during hack weeks, I think someone even looked in to the whole meta question of “How would it work?”.

I didn’t hear the answer to that question but my assumption is “it wouldn’t”. :smiley:


Amazing. Well, we’ve already got the attrition aspect with healing supplies and ammo. I can see it now. Kerillians and Siennas duking it out in an epic ranged battle.
Bounty Hunter erasing them both with a single use of his career ability.

Good thing it never left the whiteboard.

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