Deamonhost is a insta death when alone

If you play a stage and you didnt get matched with other players, [bot] and you incounter a deamonhost it is instant game over. He attacks you first none stop and then force choke you till game over. the [bot]s cant stop it from happening.

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That is kind of the point, your meant to avoid it

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if there is bots… it is also the problem that they will catch it…
They can’t deal with it and… attack it

Yeah I reported several locations where bots bumrush the daemonhost or just stand right next to it for no reason. This aggros the host and it seems to always pick the human player as the second target if you are alone with bots.

This problem should go away with better bot AI, but I think they should simply make bots invisible to daemonhosts to begin with, like how bots are invisible to patrols in vermintide.

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You can kill it solo with a really specific Preacher build, but we all know that will be nerfed to the ground sooner or later.

Whilst Deamonhost was initially an interesting addition to the game, its novelty wore off really quick. I find the DH is just tedious now. A fairly pointless content most people just avoid, even in full squad. Especially if you don’t have specific block/dodge heavy builds to counter its otherwise unavoidable attack rotation.

On a side note, I find most of the monsters rather disappointing. They are nowhere close the threat level monsters were in Vermintide 2. Much of that might be down to V2 melee attacks which seemingly hit you even outside the melee range and V2 monsters reaaaly quick target switch.

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