Darktied.exe application error ( will not start)

I just finally got it downloaded and installed but it constantly crashes within 0x0000005.

yeah this is happening to me too, appears to be something wrong with the launcher letting steam_appid.txt stop it from working correctly, if you can find that file go to properties and untick the read only that might help. if not then you might have to bypass the launcher and just play through the exe. i keep getting a backend error when I do this though.

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I tried that as well it did not seem to work, its something deftly with the steam authentication as if I launch using the start_protected_game.exe or the darktides.exe in the binaries folder it launches but it gets stuck at the authentication part.

I did post a bug report in the appropriate section hopefully this can be solved soon.

Please see: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/7830217759133--PC-Darktide-exe-Application-Error-0xc0000005-