Darktide version of chaos wastes

Chaos wastes is easily a success, and an addictive one, growing from rat bumper to walking genocide is a great pass time, now will darktide have something equivalent? if not, then please do consider adding one.
I was thinking you could add some off the pay excursions to derelict vessels from the 40k universe, i am not well informed on it but i heard they are quite common, perhaps our friends at streum software could even lend some, they did such a great job on 40k deathwing scenarios and maps, a game nobody played thanks to boring gameplay and bad enemy design, a little pimping and a few hangmen everywhere and that thing is good to go.

Also for the 40k versions of buffs make most of them attached to weapons you find in said derelict vessels then (upon victory) make them usable in the normal game for x amount of missions (before they permanently break) this way players who are not that good with the game mechanics find an abusable alternative to advance in difficulty as well giving some nice flavor for people who replay it a lot (wich i have the feeling that will be me). That would also counter a vermintide 2 shortcoming (the loot) meaning you only get it for the crafting parts and skins, anything else you can manually get by building what you want, by giving some rng chance of ridiculously broken item in the loot pool you activate that moneky synapse responsible for turning the lever in the slot machine.

We all wish we could take the ligtning to a normal campaign mission after a lucky chaos wastes run, perhaps on danktidal that dream could be a reality.
…so basically thats how i like my pizza.

Id LOVE Chaos wastes darktide version. I absolutely adore playing the chaos wastes. It is in my opnion what weaves SHOULD have been. In a sort of way

I would like it if it was more of a risk like your character could perma die or lose gear or something a bit like a PvE Tarkov mode

I just thought of something. 40k has something called “Space Hulks” basicly huge mashed togeather bundles of warped ships that have just been basically mangled togeather by the warp into a maze of corridors and rooms and various ship parts. These space hulks also seem to shift in and out of the warp seemingly at random. These would be PERFECT for a chaos wastes like mode.

-Shifting in and out of the warp is why they change from time to time (like the gods changing on V2)

-the chaotic nature they are just fused togeather could easily lend itself to the random levels found in a chaos wastes mode (from ship section to ship section could be various levels)

-they are often filled with forgotten and left behind or stolen imperial tech (in world reason we are there?)

-they are quite often home to droves of various heritical filth that needs clensing (gene stealers, orks, chaos cults)

-i see ONE problem with this, and the lore masters are free to call me out on this. Dont they not let anyone but space marines in terminator armor onto hulks?..though we are just convicts…what do they care if we dont come back?


i might be wrong, but the keyword “spacehulk” is so defined to be this specific thing, i doubt they would give out the permission to make something with it that isn’t representing the original board game.

its important for companies to uphold expectations.

in a lore sense i don’t think the imperium would have any qualms sending in convict troops, even if they found something dangerous they would just be executed afterwards.
the biggest problem is that spacehulks are often massive and you’d need days in one, to reach the missions all over. thats why sspacemarine terminators are of preference, they are able to teleport in key locations, that way they are exposed for less amount of time.

I first learned about it from the wiki rofl, not the board game. As to it taking days to explore fully. There is no reason the couldent be gone that long. In a personal prefrance each individual level could easily represent a day’s worth of exploration?

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no it absolutely could be done no question. i just mentioned it becuase it was relevant for the “only spacemarine” thing.

As i said, yall lore masters would know better then myself. I only recently got into the 40k lore and just ran across the entry on space hulks as a thing in my absent minded reading and thought it would make a nice proxy for the chaos wastes. I honestly didnt even know about the board game and that/if they try to keep stuff about it relagated to that.

Absolutely agree! Endless filth to cast aside and vanquish in the name of the emperor!

As long as it’s an addition and not the main focus I’m fine with it. I don’t personally play it because reasons, but I do acknowledge that it seems to be very popular.

In the inquisitor ARPG you board a couple space hulks I am sure you could justify it lore wise great idea


Personally not a fan of it to be honest. So while others like it and I would not mind it as an addition or a type of play option, I personally would only play it if I had too. (Aka my buddies just want too)

But if Darktide was setup as this as the main focus I’d pass on the game completely.

given the story structure, havng a run where you just dive deeper and deeper in the hive as the maps unfolds would be an easy set up^^


Something like chaos wastes, sure.

But skill, grudgemark…etc. like on-release chaos waste instead of the current boring garbage.