Darktide version of chaos wastes

Chaos wastes is easily a success, and an addictive one, growing from rat bumper to walking genocide is a great pass time, now will darktide have something equivalent? if not, then please do consider adding one.
I was thinking you could add some off the pay excursions to derelict vessels from the 40k universe, i am not well informed on it but i heard they are quite common, perhaps our friends at streum software could even lend some, they did such a great job on 40k deathwing scenarios and maps, a game nobody played thanks to boring gameplay and bad enemy design, a little pimping and a few hangmen everywhere and that thing is good to go.

Also for the 40k versions of buffs make most of them attached to weapons you find in said derelict vessels then (upon victory) make them usable in the normal game for x amount of missions (before they permanently break) this way players who are not that good with the game mechanics find an abusable alternative to advance in difficulty as well giving some nice flavor for people who replay it a lot (wich i have the feeling that will be me). That would also counter a vermintide 2 shortcoming (the loot) meaning you only get it for the crafting parts and skins, anything else you can manually get by building what you want, by giving some rng chance of ridiculously broken item in the loot pool you activate that moneky synapse responsible for turning the lever in the slot machine.

We all wish we could take the ligtning to a normal campaign mission after a lucky chaos wastes run, perhaps on danktidal that dream could be a reality.
…so basically thats how i like my pizza.

Id LOVE Chaos wastes darktide version. I absolutely adore playing the chaos wastes. It is in my opnion what weaves SHOULD have been. In a sort of way