Darktide Memory Leak

for the passed couple of days ive put in 17.5 hours of gameplay and ive maybe crashed… 10 or so times usually with an hour or two between crashes but ive noticed the game will go from 11GB of memory at start up and increased all the way to 23GB and was still climbing until the game crashed for unknown reasons.

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Please be sure to include the crash reports produced. Thank you!

Having the same issue after the official launch, RAM usage slowly climbs from 4GB to 24GB before crashing. Verified game files, reinstalled, updated drivers, never happened prior to the official launch.

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Same; at 32GB. Was fine during beta, other issues caused crashes, but this started on the official release for me.

GUID: 0ab73bb2-888b-4674-86bb-43b16e6b4dcc
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