Cyberpunk 2077

Is there someone else waiting for this game?
For me it’s the same as wh.
30 years ago I was playing cyberpunk 2020, warhammer fantasy roleplay (still playing nowadays) and many other but these two… man… so many good memories. Both had such an interesting background… Can’t wait to start a fight with a trauma team.
I hope 2 things, that they’ll not butcher the feeling, and in a not too much distant future a wh one…


Watched the gameplay video last night and I was definitely impressed. Looks really immersive. Heck I was almost completely immersed in the video and barely realized almost an hour had passed.I

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Well, I know the studio’s previous achievement(s), and I’m a table-top RPG geek too, so make your own deductions. As an added hint, I’m semi-actively planning to get some friends together on a certain New Year’s night to play a certain nostalgic and not-exactly-well-aged RPG.

Here’s an added bit of trivia: We’re already living in cyberpunk times, since the first edition of Cyberpunk RPG was actually Cyberpunk 2013. It’s been five years since we crossed that line.

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yes! and when the trauma team landed…
I think this two rpg were the only ones were I really had respect for the monsters and the brutal fast paced system (wh more than cp). I still remember the first fight against a “simple” forest troll and the one against a wyvern, actually in the second one 2 out of 4 had to reroll the character. And the 1st one against a trauma team ended in the group wipe.

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:smiley: I can’t do anything else but smiling
I wish you to be able to do that. Nowadays we (4 friends, quite aged :smiley: ) are still playing whfrp the 2nd ed. (I bought the 4th just gave a quick read). Started again 4 years ago and keeping playing, and it is good time.
I remember another version of Cyberpunk, but I think, being in Italy it was skipped. At that time we were playing using the english version imported by some serious geeks, oh my… we were going by train in Milan from quite far country side, because that was the only place were we could find our fix, like imported GW models, fantasy books and so on. Nothing online, only paper. Lol I remember also we were going in McDonald (I think there were a couple of shops in Milan and maybe in few other really big cities) because at that age the hamburger was kind of a “forbidden fruit” for us. Really good time :smiley:

Definitely fond memories of my early geek years. Toting around DnD books in middle school, fawning over peoples WHFB/40k armies that I neither had the funds or skills to assemble at the time.
Lugging around game consoles and TV’s to friends houses. Same with PC’s and monitors. Mind you this was before flatscreens. Our parents thought we were mad.
So strange now to see the culture more or less widely embraced where as back then we were definitely social outliers and outcasts but we did have a tight knit group!

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yes! I remember playing doom (maybe the second) at a friend house using a null modem cable, and later saving money for an ethernet hub… I forgot about the crt monitors :expressionless: that’s true, must be a kind of halo effect…
About the culture, it’s also true. But I guess that because we were the “strange ones” there was also the feeling to be together in something different shouldering each other.
I don’t know about you guys, but at that time in Italy, computer and rpg were a big nono. I had to fight with my parents and explain them that rpg wasn’t that bad thing depicted by the media. We were getting news from the US about young people hanging themselves because of rpg games, so my mother was so worried…
And later in the years I got to know that some village folks were concerned we were into black magic and that sort of things :expressionless:
And also because we were into metal, listening and playing it, we were labelled as extremely bad and dangerous guys to not hang around with. But about this, seems times didn’t really change. :smiley:

The rpgs and tabletop war gaming was not frowned down upon to the extent you describe in Italy.
Our parents didnt get it but they didnt really worry about it.
Over here in the States it was more of a social no no.

we have “the” Church and for the good or the bad, it’s messing up many things.

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