Curious where the majority of members are from (POLL)

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania

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Just thought it would interesting to get general idea of where everyone is from.

I’d also be curious to find out whether some problems with the community are location-dependent, i. e. whether the community is ( or appears to be) generally friendlier or more toxic is different areas. After all, people seem to have widely differing experiences in random groups.

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I got thrown into a game with 3 Japanese people the other morning. Nicest group I’ve ever had, even if it was the laggiest lol. And they got to practice their English, really nice guys. Or they could of been talking shít about me the entire time, I wouldn’t have known lol. But whenever something happened in game, they would speak English to let me know, then go back to their convo. A group of Americans actually invited me onto their discord server after I played a game with them and we still jump into each others matches occasionally.

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HMMM, kinda what I expected. Assumed it was mostly EU and NA people here on this forum.

as an Euro player I can tell you that there are lot of German VT players on consoles

Even on the PC there seems to be a lot of Germans. I’m living in Sweden and I get a lot of Germans in my games, both myself quick playing into their lobbies and them coming into mine.

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