Crossplay or cross-save?

Will there ever be crossplay or cross-save between game pass and steam? At this rate, I don’t see anything stopping me from quitting after crafting comes. I’ll do a bit of tinkering, possibly make my dream weapons (not even close, but we take what we can get), but then what? Can’t play with shiny new toys when my platform/region (game pass/oce) is dead and all the homunculi bots die in the first engagement on heresy+. Add all the new missions, maps and modifiers you want, there’s only so many unfulfilling malice runs one can be content with. There’s simply no shot in the nine realms I’m trudging through all these dumpster fire systems again from scratch. In fact, you couldn’t PAY ME to commit my time and effort to a fresh steam account. If cross-play/save ever comes, I’ll blow the dust off my account and revisit darktide. Your call, fatshark.

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