Cringy Ult voicelines of Waystalker and BountyHunter

I find all career ult voicelines to be good/acceptible. Except for these ones that are weird/cringy:


  1. "Truth… hurts!" (Trueflight longbow -> true-flight -> truth -> catchphrase “Truth hurts” === the logic is overstretched, the phrase sounds stupid and childly.)


  1. "Twice the glory!" (the shotgun Victor uses for Ult have 2 barrels, thus he gets… twice the glory? Logic, where are u?)

  2. "Double the discipline!" (???)

  3. "Roar! Mighty duo!" (when the gun have been fired 1 second ago)

To clarify: i enjoy the voicework - the quality, emotions. But these lines just dont really make sense in the context.

I quite like the WS’s line “Seek!”, suits good.

For BH, the line “Dead, not alive.” is also good, but if the target survives then it doesnt makes sense. I’d much prefer simple phrases like “Die, heretic/scum/mutant!”, “Go to hell!”, than all those double-barreled references.


i love the voice acting in this game. lol


Actually Ult voice line are sometimes shared between careers, so Handmaiden will often go with Truth hurts ! or Seek !
Sooo I don’t know, I think it’s placeholder and voice line are going to be separated ^^
But if Truth hurts is a WS, I agree it’s not that good.
The BH otherwise, I find them acceptable.

(Foot knight Sir old Kruber is asking Taal for good aim when Charging :+1:)

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Is that what that line is saying? I thought it was true flight or something. The entire thing is cringy by nature.

I so wish I could mute Kerillian. Playing near her is annoying, but playing as her is unbearable. She doesn’t shut up and you have to listen to it all in full volume.

This is a bug where the VO for the career chosen by the host is always played.

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