Crashing before intro videos

Greetings tech-priests.
Since release, I have been unable to soothe the machine spirit. It was happy enough during the beta. Now it is quick to anger - crashing before the logo videos play - if it does load the videos, it will crash during the main intro cutscene, or during the login clearance.

—Crash log—
GUID: 07763d64-7cc5-49d0-89b7-4659f27f0fc5
Log File:
Info Type:

—Crash Log End—

No Error Displayed

Platform: Steam

PlayerID: Siej

Repro: 80% before intro, 20% at processing clearance
…uploaded console.log
console-2022-10-14-20.44.40-294b279b-499e-4db7-aa3d-7204ffe2b851.log (42.6 KB)
…uploaded darktide_launcher.log
darktide_launcher.log (832.9 KB)

I have an Radeon RX 5500XT and AMDfx8350, meeting the requirements for low on the launcher. I have updated graphics drivers, verified steam files, disabled Epic Games EAC, tried worker counts 1-5 with no avail.

I apologise I have no immediate solutions for you, but this is in our database and awaiting investigation.

Moved game from C: to D: drive through Steam, and added deadlock_timeout = 60 to user config but no luck