Crashes post Hotfix 4.6.2

Still crashing.
Was a client, going through the dark part of Blightreaper and one of the players activated a ‘waiting for a door to open’ event, instant CTD.

GUID: 051e576f-5bfc-4695-8e5e-4cbc6789e5db
Log File:
Info Type:

Hi @BullHorn,

The logs indicate a GPU-related crash. I recommend running through some potential solutions here:

Crashes resolved by switching from DX12 to DX11. Unfortunately performance feels worse with DX11.

Disabling Steam overlay improved the performance issues. Not sure why this game is affected by Steam overlay so much, not having this issue in other games.

Some games just got weird behaviors here or there.

I had an ordeal with xcom2, a particular cutscene would crash everytime it played and i had no idea why nor did anything i did, including minimizing graphics, help.

Then i stumble across this one old reddit thread with the same issue with 1 reply stating that “its because you are playing without fullscreen, cutscene has to be played with it on”.

That worked like a charm :sweat_smile:

Turning the moving frames on friends list off definitely helps.

I was looking into this on a basic level and people said that closing friends list and chats in BOTH desktop and the in-game overlay improved FPS. I found that this works.

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