I dont know why its crashing

Issue Description:
i tried almost every method. starting steam in admin, deleting the darktide file in roaming and reinstalling the game, checking the file integrity

but mostly it runs fine when i put it on window and below something 3440x1440. but it crashes when i turn it to full screen

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GUID: 513dcd96-aba3-4c89-8079-3bc5df56aedf
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console-2023-08-23-08.06.33-139a24f4-a01d-4329-8c92-395144818207.log (25.8 KB)

crash_dump-2023-08-23-08.06.33-139a24f4-a01d-4329-8c92-395144818207.dmp (1.2 MB)

booting up in windowed and turned in to full screen crash log

console-2023-08-23-08.26.18-513dcd96-aba3-4c89-8079-3bc5df56aedf.log (50.1 KB)

crash_dump-2023-08-23-08.26.18-513dcd96-aba3-4c89-8079-3bc5df56aedf.dmp (1.1 MB)

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5:10 pm kst

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Could you try disabling the NVIDIA overlay? You should be able to do this inside GeForce Experience → Settings → ‘General’ → ‘In-Game Overlay’

i dont know and now it just stopped working. clicked play and all it say is steam telling me im playing the game right now when there is nothing on the screen

so yea nothing changed amazing game again… i guess

is there other way to fix this? it just crashes when i change windowed to fullscreen

Windows 11?

I recommend win10, I had a couple friends having problems with crashing, they were in win11, for S&G we installed win10 on his machine and low and behold his issues were fixed

im using windows 10

How old is your win10 install? Might be time to refresh it!

it matters? i thought i only had to install it only once

Is there another way to fix this julia? i need an answer after when i said its not working and now its worse. its not even launching the game.

console-2023-08-23-09.38.05-8bd29ab0-9648-4c63-b014-9b14f1df71a6.log (47.1 KB)

crash_dump-2023-08-23-09.38.05-8bd29ab0-9648-4c63-b014-9b14f1df71a6.dmp (1.2 MB)

this is all i have when i click press play on launcher. also this launcher thing is the only one popped on task manager

To confirm, did you disable the NVIDIA overlay?

yes… i did disabled it when i first said “it got worse”

Got it. Try reinstalling your GPU drivers:

no its only steam saying that im playing the game. when all i see is nothing but wallpaper that is on my monitor. i even re installed the whole game AGAIN

i heard sometimes loading takes more then 5 mins. so i waited like 10 mins now. still no nothing. im going to play armored core now.