Crashes during missions

Hi, been playing ffor 2 days, I’m having crashes during missions. Either crash to desktop with not much info given in the error message. Or a blue screen crash.

I’ve verified teh game file integrity.
I’ve done a memtest86 test and a windows memory check.

I found these logs.

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Hello, I see you’ve mentioned logs but nothing appears to be attached. :slight_smile: Could you please upload your most recent console logs, or a crash report?: [PC] How to Provide a Crash Report or Console Log – Fatshark

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Hi, sorry about that.

Here’s everything I can get from my most recent crash.console-2021-10-05-16.47.45-1f252aff-2096-4f41-a627-457ae1227e78.log (609.9 KB)
crash.txt (231 Bytes)
crash_dump-2021-10-05-16.47.45-1f252aff-2096-4f41-a627-457ae1227e78.dmp (798.2 KB)

And here’s another crash, but there’s no console file that coincides
100521-7375-01.dmp (757.8 KB)

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@zealotza - from the main crash logs, the first entry point of the crash itself refers to:

17:07:42.509 <<Crash>>Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 2003b9c18405
    accessing address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF from 00007FF65D02B2D6<</Crash>>

The build code itself, i.e. 2003b9c18405 , I found a similar forum post referencing the same problem you are having Repeated crashing to desktop during missions - #5 by kunwoo

In that specific post, they mentioned the following actions:

  1. downgrading the GPU driver, (im somewhat skeptical of this actually working),
  2. lowering DRAM frequency in the BIOS (this is more promising action step for me),

Definitely worth trying one, or both of the above steps - until @FatsharkJulia gets back to you with another train of thought :slight_smile:

Worth noting he mentioned he eventually went back to the latest graphics driver, but kep DRAM frequency lower. Worth a shot.

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Thank you for the logs. Forgot to ask in my original reply, but do you recall what the blue screen error was?

One of the bluescreen errors was:


I’ve dropped RAM frequency and I’ll try it.

Hopefully the logs can give some good insight.

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I think the Dropping the RAM speed has fixed it. Played 6 missions with no crashes, before this it was prbably 5/6 crashes.

I’m running mismatched RAM rated at 2133Mhz I’d set it to 1866 to get the mixed sticks to run together. I’ve now dropped it to 1600 now, and that seems to have fixed it.

@FatsharkJulia anything in the logs that suggest RAM as the issue?

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Nothing in the logs, only a non-descript ‘Access Violation’ crash which has a number of potential causes. Usually with RAM-related issues we see an issue where the installation will repeatedly become corrupted, bizarrely.

The BSOD error is of most relevance, although many articles online point to it being commonly driver-related there is also mention of it being RAM-related too.

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We were playing some rounds with Zealot and after the forementioned crashes, he had to verify steam files twice - and both times required huge downloads for corrupted files - so that at least explains that part!

Yes, sorry I seem to have forgotten to mention the game file corruption. That confirms the RAM as the issue. Thanks for the help.

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