Game crashes randomly during missions. No warning, no pending executables in task manager. Straight to desktop

Hi guys. I am, once again, having crashes randomly during missions that simply crash the game instantly to desktop. There’s no executable hanging in the task manager. Clean install of GPU drivers, 6 worker threads.

Ryzen 1700 / AMD RX 580 8GB

Can you pinpoint what’s the cause of the crashes so perhaps I can fix them? Thank you.

Uploaded to Drive as it was too big for the forums: Link

Could you specify, if you have any overclocks or amd’s storemi?

I have currently the same problem as well. I recently upgraded to Ryzen 2600, gtx 1080 ti. I have overclocked the cpu, gpu, ram and also use the amd’s storemi feature for disk management so it’s hard to identify the issue, although the pc doesn’t crash while stress testing with prime95 or aida64, but maybe the system still isn’t stable enough.

I checked the %appdata%/fatshark/vermintide 2 logs and discovered that it crashes because of memory access violation so I think that it might be ram related, if you have overclocked ram as well. I will try to play the game with ram default settings and report back, if that was the cause. I also searched google for this issue and saw several posts about disabling in-game voice so you can try that as well.

I have my CPU with the default clock nowadays, same with my GPU (it comes factory overclocked at 1450/2100). Ram is overclocked with the 3200 mhz DOCP profile (actually 3066 because can’t make it stable at any timings at 3200). I don’t use StoreMI because it’s not free for my chipset.

Try playing without Ram overclock then, maybe that will help.

It’s weird because I can go a long time (weeks) without any problem, and then in a day, I get like 4/5 crashes. But yeah, I’ll try. It’s just sad because Ryzen depends a lot on RAM speeds.

If you still have this issue, try setting fewer workers in the launcher settings. I tried with 2 workers yesterday and finally could play without any crashes.

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