Crashes and Veteran skins

I’m sorry if I come off as rude in this post, but I’m extremely tired and fed up at this point. I’ve been doing a deed on Legend w/ my squad for the past 4 hours and we literally were about to kill the boss, Bodvar, and my game crashed. We tried it again, got Bodvar to 20% again and AGAIN my game crashed. 2 runs that we would’ve won perfectly fine and gotten Emperors Vaults from were ripped out of our hands because this game crashes every time the wind blows. Now 1 friend left so we decide to farm against the grain on legend, I have a grim and tome and I’m waiting in the waypoint for my friend to catch up with his tome, then my game crashed, stealing a merchants vault from us. I have 220 hours right now and these crashes are starting to boil me.

Additionally I got a Vet Hagsbane which I was really looking forward to getting, only to find out it has the exact same skin as a basic illusion… Like seriously? You’re kidding right? I just put all this effort into getting this, only for me to gain nothing, because you guys didn’t design a skin for it. That’s absurd. My friend told me that some of the vet staves didn’t have unique skins either and I didn’t believe him until I saw for myself. You need to add unique skins for all the vets and not just half ass it. How you guys could release the game in this state shows a complete lack of effort and care.

I loved V1 but this game is an absolute bug fest and doesn’t even feel completed. I hope you guys continue to update it and fix it, otherwise it’s just a failed release.

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